Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Well-Traveled Home

Sandra Espinet has come out with a new book and we were lucky enough to get an advanced copy! 
Sandra reads our blog and asked us if we could review her book??? 

Let me say that again. She asked us to review her book.
I'm not sure what part shocked me the most -- the part about how she reads our blog or the fact that she wanted US to review it. 
 Seriously. Ann has only left the country three times (if you count Jamaica). I need a Xanax to get on a plane, so what do we know? Should I mention that when we went to London, Ann thought it would be a good idea to fight jet lag by getting up at 3 am every morning prior to the trip and therefore, slept through the double decker bus tour? Perhaps she can give Sandra some tips.  
Maybe she wanted us to read it because we aren't well traveled and she could enlighten us with her amazing adventures and finds from all over the world? Well, enlighten us, she did. Our copy arrived a few days ago and it has been tough to put it down (I should mention that it looks great on a coffee table too). Not only is it fascinating to read about her adventures and how she came across the furnishings, art and accessories with which she fills client's homes, but the photography is simply stunning. Her ability to layer each space gives us all something to strive for. 
It goes without saying that most of the homes she touches are in exotic locales, but she truly makes the reader (designer or homeowner) believe that they too can add eclectic finds to give their home a well-traveled look.  She gives insight as to how to allow a culture to inspire and how that translates into design. 

With the internet at our fingertips and collections showing up on One Kings Lane and other flash sale sites, Ebay and Etsy, we too can acquire beautiful pieces from all over the world. 
The thing that sets Sandra apart from us (and those that are ordering their finds from other sources) is that she is out in the world-- scouring the markets from Marrakesh to Mexico. 

...and on one trip rode a camel into the marketplace in India. Can. You. Imagine. Her book actually takes you there. 
She is a nomad and tells of her adventures traipsing across the world in flip flops and a beat up Birkin bag. A girl after my own heart. At least we have the flip flops in common. 
My favorite part of the book is perusing through the gorgeous images shot by photographer Hector Velazco and noting each and every detail. Each piece she selects has a story which makes every space unique telling the story of her travels. 
Sandra will dazzle you with the images in her new book but will wow you with her stories of how those spaces came to be. I would highly recommend picking up a copy -- it won't disappoint.
Check out her blog to keep up with her travels and current projects -- so thankful she is keeping up with ours.

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bye bye birdie...
credit to: Sandra Espinet


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely post. I am so happy you enjoyed the book.

Hope we can meet one day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs! So inspiring.

Tamar PR said...

Loved your post and had to laugh about Ann's strategy for preparing for a trip to London! Sandy's book contains a few humorous episodes alongside the gorgeous pictures of interiors that integrate exotic furniture finds sourced from around the world. Thanks for the beautiful and humorous post!

Anonymous said...

wow this is fantastic. I cant wait to get mine. such colorful and alive pictures

Jessica said...

This post made me laugh! Sandra is an inspiration for all of us, even those who have a hard time getting on the plane :) Thanks for sharing, I loved reading your thoughts on The Well Traveled Home.

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