Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're back...

As many of your know, Ann and I have been at the furniture market all week shopping for clients and for our little "Coop". This trailer was loaded up with killer finds and we made it home last night. To clarify, our "Coop" is going to be open on occasion to you, our readers, clients and friends when we have fun stuff to pass along to you. For those of you that have asked if we are opening a store -- we are not. It will be open for events (girls' night in, holiday shopping, Birds of a Feather get togethers and by appointment). It will be our studio, storage and a place where we can shop for our clients. The more stuff we find, the more sales we can have. So on that front, stay tuned.... 
We had a blast hunting for clients at the market.
 This Design Legacy ottoman was the jumping off point for an entire living room. The rest of the room evolved. 
 I loved the color of this Worlds-Away piece so I'm adding some emerald to the room. 
 We loved the lucite pieces, but the prices were too steep. Swoon. 
This guy may just make it into one of our sales. 
While High Point Furniture Market was a BIG success, we were thankful that our hubbys kept the kids UNTIL we got home. This morning at the cross walk, the twins teacher stopped me to say how thankful she was that I was home. 
Wow. That's so sweet. How did she know I was gone? Hmmm, I say. How were the twins while I was away. She politely says that they failed their spelling test, didn't turn in any homework and brought candy everyday for their lunch. WHAT???? Who was keeping my children? My ten year old? 
Ann's kids ate doughnuts for dinner one night and her seven year old went to school in her thirteen-year-old's clothes. Perhaps next market, we will invest in a sitter, chef and tutor. Husbands. Sigh.
bye bye birdie...

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