Friday, November 29, 2013

I did it!...

Remember I told you guys I was hosting Thanksgiving? AND... I was in cooking panic mode? WELL... I delegated like a pro (Thank you to my mom, Jen and sis in laws for making this meal possible) I concentrated on presentation!(know your role... right?)

I do love to set a table. I used my china, my silver as well as silver I have inherited. I have some of my Grandmothers monogrammed forks and 2 patterns from my Aunt. I love having 4 different styles on the table- makes it eclectic and rich in meaning. (for me)
 I decided to do the pear place cards I found on Pinterest. A little spray paint turned my silver thumbtacks gold!
 I put Spanish moss in the bottom of my hurricanes and threw some pheasant feathers in with the flowers. It truly is all about the details as well as using things you love. Antlers have graced my table for years and this year I added a teak mushroom- my latest obsession!
All in all we had a wonderful meal and day with our family! I hope you enjoyed your day as well.

On another note- I know it's black Friday but remember to save some shopping mojo for our grand opening of THE COOP! (Sat, December 7th from 5-9)...-A

Happy Weekend
Bye, bye birdie,
Thank you Jen (Fotojenik) for the great pics of my table! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So Thankful...

It was one year ago that we shared about our precious friends, Jen and Hal,  and their amazing company, KIN. Jen and Hal were in the adoption process and waiting to be placed with a birth mom. See here. The KIN Campaign is the company and mission they launched to help fund their adoption and others.

Fast forward to July... Jen and Hal welcomed into their hearts, home and lives the most precious, beautiful, healthy baby girl... 

And now they are celebrating their first Thanksgiving as a party of 3! 
Are they the cutest??? So smitten!
In the months waiting for Ruthie's birth Jen and Hal were able to put the finishing touches on her nursery... Oh, did I mention how talented they both are? As much as I would like to claim it, we had nothing to do with this space...
I love her eclectic yet modern room.

The changing table was custom built by my brother over at Soundside Carpentry. Her room is full of things that Jen and Hal so carefully selected and loved...
The beautiful little framed card says... I choose you... 
There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. We are taken with Ruthie and thankful for the beautiful family Jen, Hal and Ruthie are. We are also thankful for KIN Campaign and all the lives touched through their mission to help others. Please visit their site and support KIN by buying your own KIN bracelet. I have not taken mine off since I got it! 
Read more about KIN here.
Happy first Thanksgiving Ruthie!

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week enjoying food, Friends, and Family,
Bye, bye birdie,
check out Jen's bags (we will carry them at THE COOP!)and photography at Remnant Handmade and Fotojenik.... (such talent!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

What have I done...

There are pros and cons to living in the same town with my parents and Jeff's parents. (mostly pros) However, the cons are... I rarely have a big holiday meal at my own house. We house hop and I don't have to prepare a thing. (wait, that's a pro) But, I guess I have been feeling a little guilty that I want my kids to remember a Thanksgiving or two around their own table. I mean, I'm an adult now, shouldn't we start our own traditions? Soooo.... this year I announced Thanksgiving would be at our house. Then a week later I panicked... Yesterday I went to the grocery and bought a turkey- just a turkey. I left the store broken out in hives without potatoes, stuffing, green beans or really anything else to go along with it. Would I be the first person to serve turkey AND order pizza?
Anyhoo... In an effort to pull it together I decided to concentrate on the things I can do well- a centerpiece and place cards...
I could go Mom of the Year and make this fruit bird... did I mention when I announced Thanksgiving was at our house my kids all groaned? This might win them over...

I do love an eclectic, organic vibe...
This is how my table usually looks at Christmas. (I do host Christmas morning brunch every year) I could mix this up for Thanksgiving. There would be plenty of room for pizza boxes and paper plates  turkey and fine china.

and place cards...( I can so make those!) Lovin these...
yes... I can rattle can a leaf AND I have good handwriting...

Now we're talking... love the look!

So pretty and yummy!

OK.... I can do this. I'm going back to the store today. And even if the meal is bad, the table will be gorgeous (fingers crossed)! I promise I'll post pics! I have 6 days to figure this thing out...
If you see me wondering around the grocery, help a sister out- an encouraging word will do...-A

Happy Friday! 
Bye, bye birdie, 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back

Read took me to see Justin Timberlake last week as an early birthday gift.  And by "see", I mean, this was my view. 
 He asked me if I would rather take a friend because it was more of a girl thing. I told him it would feel less like cheating if he was there. Read also doesn't dance. But. I. do. I danced for three hours (and so did Justin). I told Read: "He is such a good singer, dancer, actor, golfer, musician..." I should have stopped with singer. Read said: "Is he a good listener too?"
Ok, so I have had to scale back on my love for JT mostly because it is getting on Read's nerves and I'm afraid he may never take me to another concert again. I have yet to tell him that he also has a flair for interior design. Yep. He is the perfect package. 
Remember this Thom Filicia rug that made into JT's NY penthouse. I still love this rug and am still hoping a client will let me do a room around it.  
He even collaborated with his personal interior designer, Estee Stanley, on a line of home goods and art featured on HomeMint. This interview was featured in 2012 in Elle Decor.
For years, Justin Timberlake has moved seamlessly between the movie, music, and fashion industries. But today's announcement of HomeMint, a collection of home goods and art designed and curated by Timberlake and his longtime interior designer, Estee Stanley, brings him into the design world as well. The collection will be available exclusively online at, to members—who pay a monthly fee of $10 to enjoy discounts and early access to new products—and nonmembers alike.
The line won’t be available to buy until early May, but you can preview the collection and sign up for updates today. To celebrate the new site, Timberlake and Stanley shared images of the pieces from the line and spoke to ELLE DECOR about the collection.
ELLE DECOR: Thanks so much for thinking of us for sharing this exclusive. We’re big fans of yours here at ED.
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Thank you, Estee and I are fans of you guys as well.
ED: That’s great to hear! So tell us, you are already so loved for your music, movies, and fashion line. Why start a home collection?
JT: Well, this was really a collaboration with Estee. I don’t think I would do it if we weren’t in it together. We’ve known each other for a long time and have worked together on my homes—we really have a like-minded vision for design so when BeachMint [the company behind HomeMint and sister sites StyleMint and BeautyMint] came to us with the opportunity, it felt like a really natural thing for us to do together. Estee and I are great friends, so it’s a lot of fun.
ED: What were some of your design inspirations?
ESTEE STANLEY: I think we definitely both have more of a European vibe, we’re inspired by Axel Vervoordt and Christian Liaigre. And we love ELLE DECOR! I was just in Paris and I bought about 10 copies of the European magazines over there and they were all amazing. Also, a lot of the shops in LA are great. Blackman CruzJF Chen, or in Paris, the outdoor markets. We’re more into antiques than contemporary pieces.
JT: It’s true. Also, I like very clean, almost modern architecture, and the obstacle with something like that is making it extremely warm, because it doesn’t naturally lend itself to that. With everything we do together, we try to get the juxtaposition right. To make pieces and rooms that are multifaceted, that blend different genres of architecture and design.
ED: Was that the main strategy in working on Justin’s homes together?
ES: Definitely. I’m a layering kind of designer–I don’t just “do” a room, I like shopping and finding pieces, then building from that. And we had a really good time shopping together. We’re both attracted to the same things. Though if he doesn’t like something, believe me, I know about it.
JT: Estee’s like the sister that I never got to terrorize. And so any chance I get to do that, I relish. But I probably got on her nerves more. I’ll sit and I’ll look at hardware for hours. Literally, for hours, I’ll sit and compare hardware. The devil’s in the details. I mean, it’s your home, it has to be your own. I like a lot of different things and the challenge is taking all the pieces you love and finding the common thread between them so it doesn’t look like it’s all just thrown into the same room.
ED: I assume you put that same level of dedication into the collection.
JT: Absolutely. It’s almost like being in the studio, or on a movie. Suddenly, hours have gone by without us even noticing. And we’ve even gotten a lot done—and enjoyed it.
ES: That’s true. When I’d go to his house in LA I called it the black hole, because I’d be there for 8 hours, working nonstop.
ED: Which pieces from the collection do you want for your own homes?
JT: Not to sound like I’m generalizing, but I think all of it. That’s the standard we hold it to. If we wouldn’t put it in our homes, we’re not going to ask people to put it in theirs.
ED: You two designed some of the pieces, and the rest were curated from great companies, like Canvas. How did you choose your partners?
ES: Most of the people we’re working with are from companies that I have relationships with, or are people I’m obsessed with. Plus, I like going into weird stores, and reading European ELLE DECORs and finding new designers. I like to find people who are really talented that nobody knows about yet.
JT: When you’re working on something as personal as your home, it’s about the relationship. And that’s what BeachMint is all about—at the end of the day, we’re not looking at the people on HomeMint as consumers, we’re looking at them as clients. And we want to have a relationship with them. To offer our design suggestions.
ES: We also want to make things affordable. As nice as it is to spend a lot of money on furniture, it’s also nice not to.
JT: It’s true, you don’t have to spend your whole bank account to make your home look amazing but also be comfortable and reliable.

Read more: Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley’s HomeMint Home Collection - ELLE DECOR

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hen Night In Invite and a sneak peek!

We are so excited about our grand opening of THE COOP! We hope you can join us on Dec. 7th! (See our invite below!) But in the mean time here are a few of our favorite things that will be available to you!:
Over dyed rugs and, yes please!

furniture and pillows in fabrics you have not seen before!

Hostess gifts and gifts for the 'what the heck do you buy them people' on your list...
 vintage accessories...

cozy throws...

original oil paintings and more (lots more),

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We can't wait to see you! 
Bye, bye birdie,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

His and Her Guest Rooms

Recently, when our family friends bought their house to start a family, they asked me to help with the space. You just saw their living room, but other rooms needed help too. It is a great house with tons of space for a growing family -- hence the two guest rooms. One has an ethereal vibe -- very soft and soothing and feminine. 
I kept the colors simple and added texture. When on a budget, it is always great to find ready-made bedding. This Serena and Lily duvet was an easy jumping off point for the room. 
These X benches from one of my fave local shops, Maran Home, are perfect at the foot of the bed. 
With guest overflow... why not have a "his" and "her" guest rooms? This masculine space is right across the hall from the feminine space and was a great place for the client to use her antique pieces. I love this antique iron bed. 
Simple. Textures and varying wood tones complete the room. 
Stay tuned to see the nursery for a lucky little boy... the home of this family of (almost) three is almost complete!
bye bye birdie...

images via Julie Wilson Photography 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Traditional with a Twist: Reveal

 I just finished this space for friends expecting their first baby. She wanted a feminine living room just since they have a separate family room. I found the rug on One King's Lane and the rest of the space flowed from there. I went with an unexpected color combination and pulled out pink, plum and chartreuse.  
 She wanted neutral pieces with pops of color. These custom chairs (and sofa) are from Fairfield Chair. 
 Another OKL score, this gilt woven campaign chest serves as a side table. 
 Her antique desk was styled with pretty things and a gold lamp with lucite base.
 A set of nesting tables adds a reflective surface. 
 The client is thrilled with the outcome. It's elegant and fun all at the same time. 
Thank you to the super talented Julie Wilson for these amazing images. Check out her photography.
Happy Monday! 

To all of those Veterans and their families that have sacrificed for our freedom. 
We salute you! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Coop Grand Opening!

Flock to our shop for...

Hen Night In 

Fab Finds and Wine
Saturday, December 7
5:00-9:00 pm

The Coop (big red barn)
1930 B Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC 

The Coop is filled with fabulous lighting, accessories and gifts just in time for the holidays. Choose from flea market finds, junk shop treasures and pieces that we have transformed Birds of a Feather style. Since The Coop will only be open for sales, events and DIY workshops, you won't want to miss our grand opening sale! Feel free to bring a friend and flock to our shop!

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Remember, EVERYTHING is for sale. 
bye bye birdie... 

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