Friday, November 1, 2013

We survived...

We made it through Halloween... And once again my kids were less then thrilled that we did not have store bought costumes. What gives with store bought costumes?  Addies astrounaut costume actually was store bought...Goodwill, but that counts... Right? Infact, it was store bought twice! That makes it extra good! Molly was a pieced together thrift store Gypsy complete with Stuart Wietzman kitten heals circa 1999. Jackson was the robot from  The Party Rock song, and Lindley was Sy from Duck Dynasty. I made Lindley's beard from batting that I dyed gray. However, my creativity was lost on them...
After all the drama of getting ready, we made it and the end result was success! They scored lots of candy for me themselves. Let me give all you new parents out there a tip... We implemented an eat til you puke rule long ago. Our kids can have as much Halloween candy as they want with no limits. I mean who doesn't want a twix for breakfast? After 2 days, they are green and the novelty of 20 lbs of candy is over. Jeff and I take what we want and throw out the rest. And, for the next two weeks  they ask for apples and salads. You won't find this stellar advice in any parenting books but it is GOOD advice none the less! 

So how about you... Eat til ya puke? Store bought costumes or home made? 
Happy day after Halloween!
Bye, bye birdie,

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Unknown said...

What a good mama you are! Definitely eat til you puke and make homemade costumes while it lasts (til about 7th grade for girls?) I'm now known as the "mom who humiliated her daughter and ruined her life" because of a homemade costume. I mean, they're gonna hate you in a few years anyway right? So celebrate while you can!

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