Monday, December 30, 2013


We hope everyone had the best holiday ever... Can you believe it's all over?!?! I have to admit I got a little frazzled there at the end.  My girls were in the Christmas production at church, I was on set design, a quick trip to Chicago and managing clients and The Coop in between left me slightly dazed... whew! I have to admit I have enjoyed a few days off! Jeff and I decided to take a quick vacay to WB! We spent Friday and Saturday night at Shell Island. Can you say indoor pool? What is it with kids and indoor pools...What I see as a giant peatrie dish they see as heaven... It's all about perception. 

We had a blast and even did some outdoor swimming... yes, in 50 degree weather we did our own family 'polar plunge'.
 So... I did it too (brrr...) as well as Jackson and eventually Addie. However, there will be no documentation of me in a bathing suit... EVER... you will just have to take my word for it! We would jump in and scurry out as FAST AS WE COULD to the hot tub! I hear there are spas where you pay to do this... (suckers)
The whole family much preferred the indoor pool. Don't they look happy and warm?  We got home last night and after Christmas set in...
You know what I'm talking about. The Christmas tree was droopy (coming down today) and with the new year right around the corner my brain is already thinking how I can freshen up my house.  In an effort not to paint my walls every year the color will stay. Hmmm.... new pillows? Maybe, but I am thinking more along the lines of a serious purge.  Purge AND reorganize! 

I am kind of loving this storage console on Overstock... kind of fun...
It is less then $350 and with $2.95 shipping -who could resist! Wouldn't this be great for all the stuff that comes home from school?? Or shoes! There are some things you just can't purge and have to store...
Oh what I wouldn't give for a mudroom like this one! Love the the walls... love the floor! Of course I'd ditch the scissors and fabric BUT let's concentrate on what's important: 4 book packs, shoes and cleats would definitely fit here! Swoon... 

Jewelry and shoes used to do it for me but now I'm dreaming of storage and utility sinks. I'll keep ya posted as I purge and try to create storage. This might be hard since apparently no one needed to store anything in 1976! (the year our house was built) 

Now I have something to focus on in 2014! Like I needed a project...

BUT, let me be clear, getting organized is not a resolution! I do not make those!...-A 

We'll see ya in 2014! 

Bye, bye birdie,

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh...

Ok... so it's December 23rd and I have a confession... I am not done Christmas shopping. Every year I swear I'll be done by October and every year I scramble at the end.  The good news is I do not have a ton to buy. Jeff and I started a tradition with our kids when it comes to gift giving when Jackson was a baby. We call it Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It's simple... Jesus only got 3 gifts so why would you get more then that when it's his birthday anyway? They get 1 unwrapped gift from Santa and 2 wrapped gifts from us. We also do an outdoor gift the whole family can enjoy. 

The hard part about this is they consider long and hard about what to ask for and since they are only getting 3 things Santa and I do not want to disappoint. This is why I should start in July! 

Addie- the forth child (bless her heart) has asked for a guitar, stuffed animal and her own carton of feta cheese. Yes, you read that right... poor 4th child always has to share her feta?  Jackson, the 13 year old has asked for a fly rod, (this seems easy but is not) fishing tackle and money.  

I however have asked for the children to not fight for one day... that would be a Christmas day miracle for sure! But in the true spirit of things if I were to want 3 things Shepherd style they might be....
  1. 1.
    a yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued esp. for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies.

    I know this Scalamandre wallpaper is an oldy but goody and you usually see it in red but I am loving wallpaper right now and really loving this bright yellow/ gold version! 
    yes please... Unfortunately my house does not lend it self to this way cool Jonathan Adler chandelier but if I could, I would. 

    Organic studs... leather and gold together...swoon... I really wish Jeff read the blog!

noun: frankincense
  1. 1.
    an aromatic gum resin obtained from an African tree and burned as incense.

    1. 1.
      a fragrant gum resin obtained from certain trees and used, esp. in the Near East, in perfumery, medicines, and incense.

    I'm sure these 2 things are not the same... I think one has medicinal value and the other is more of a fragrance. And since I am allergic to most perfumes and incense gives me high school flashbacks, I'll stick with candles please... (I love candles!)

    These Anthropologie candles are so pretty and smell light and clean... love them! When they are burnt out just stick em in the freezer, pop out the left over wax and pop them on a shelf! They make a pretty little set about! 
    Don't forget our own signature candle... PLUME! These are Sawgrass candles made locally! We love local and they are available at the Coop. Jeff or er um Santa should be able to score one of these for me fo sho!

    Enough about me... I have 4 kids to finish shopping for today! If you see me out and about forgive the hair, no makeup and crazed look... Mama's on a mission! 

    How about you? Are you done yet???
    Merry, merry...-A

    bye, bye Birdie,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chi-town and below freezing...

Guess where I have been? Only one of my most favorite cities in the world... Chicago! 

(here I am in the city with my cute brother Lindley!)

Why did I go to Chicago in the winter you might ask? Hmmm... why would one leave 60 degree weather for 2 degree weather? Because.... my sister Elizabeth Beth  Bethy (who does not look a day over 35) turned 50!

And her AWESOME hubby and friends threw her the bash of the year! So, never one to miss a good throw down, my parents, brothers and I flew out to celebrate half a century with her! She knew my parents were coming but had no idea it was going to be a family affair. My brothers and I surprised her at her party.
Here's the whole family! Instead of gifts her friends asked that everyone bring an antique plate or bowl. My sister is always having dinner parties and hosting friends at her house. She loves to cook for others and unlike me, loves to pull out her china and inherited pieces to serve on. I love to order take out and eat out of the container! She makes entertaining look effortless... A trait I (unfortunately for my friends) do not possess...
Here are a few of the plates she received... Swoon... I love them and was trying to talk her into a plate wall in her dining room. (I'll keep ya posted on that one!)
At the party I got to meet so many wonderful people and loved meeting her friend Ellen! She's a BOF reader! Woohoo... Isn't she cute! Please note at one point in the day I too was cute (at least in my head) but at this point I had officially been awake for 24 hours. Hmmm... can you say glazed over?

The party was in a barn in their neighborhood and was all decked out with lights and swags.

One of her friends made these cool fabric swags... They looked amazing in the space.

The day after the par-tay we went sledding (when in Rome...) I had to borrow lots of winter gear. I am a bit of a wus and most definitely was designed for warm weather. However, I had a blast and loved being with my nieces and nephew!

 Aren't my nieces the cutest?
I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I was sore after sledding...

Even my parents got in on the action!

Here I am with my Mom and sister (told you she didn't look a day over 35!) And yes that is me on the left... the one trying not to expose any skin to the elements! Brrrr...
Hmmmm.... Norman Rockwell called and  wants his winter scene back. Bethy's neighborhood is on a prairie and so pretty covered in snow.

All in all it was a wonderful long weekend in Chicago! Happy Birthday sis and to all of you in weather below 60 degrees... Bless you heart! ...-A

Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's that time again and I am particularly in the Christmas spirit... Normally, the hustle and bustle of the holidays sends me into a frenzy. Not this Christmas. I am going with simple. I know, you are thinking that I don't do simple. With all of the chaos at the Coop, I made some arrangements to make my life a little easier. Call it slack, but my sanity has a price. 
My friend, Edith Kerns, tricked out my house for Christmas! I left her home alone with bins of decorations and tangled lights and turned her loose. I gave her no direction and I can't tell you how exciting it was. I am guessing it is how clients feel when they turn us loose on their homes. Check out what elf  Edith did to my house to get it ready for the holidays! 

Each space she touched is adorned with fresh greens and "simple" elegant details. 

I love this picture of Flanner chasing our tree down the mountain once the kids "cut it down". 
We brought our tree home from the mountains on the top of my minivan. (Think Christmas Vacation when Clark takes the family into the woods to select a tree). It looked a little smaller on the side of the mountain that it does in my living room. Edith brought it to life! 
I do love this Christmas tree that Hutson made. It reminds me of the true meaning of the season. From our house to yours... don't get caught up in the hustle and bustle. It's the most wonderful time of the year! 
bye bye birdie... -H

Friday, December 13, 2013

In other news...

I am recovering from the hoopla at the Coop. Think: one flew over the coo-coo's nest... a BIG thanks to everyone that braved the cold this week to come visit us. Remember, The Coop is always open by appointment and we are planning another big sale so stay tuned!

 I recently finished a guest bedroom for one of my very trusting clients. Let's suffice it to say that the "before" reminded me of a dorm/first apartment bedroom -- yes, equipped with futon and all of the trimmings (see below). Her house is full of bright color and she is willing to let me take risks... When I saw this "Koi" fabric, I fell in love and did the entire room around it. Check it out! 
I love the indigo, orange and aqua combination.
See what I mean? Bad flashback. 
 I changed the location of the bed and flanked the window with some fun drapes and Oriental panels that she already had. This gives the illusion of a headboard and makes the room feel more spacious. 

 We love how it turned out. Happy, happy Friday... bye bye birdie.... - h

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Great stuff at The Coop

There is still some really great stuff at The Coop -- great one-of-a-kind pieces and killer accessories. Email us or message us for an appointment and we would love open up just for you. Great finds and great deals.... We are open today until 1:00 so stop by.
 These newly upholstered Design Institute chairs (set of 4) are newly reupholstered and are $950 for the set-- they are stunning! 
 Perfect for the holidays - or all year, this red lacquered mirror is $325 and big! 
 $350 for this black lacquered chair with green fretwork fabric -- newly upholstered and detailed Koi arms. 
 We love this pair of Chartreuse lamps with the unexpected shades -- a great pop of color for any space. 
 This antique bamboo cabinet would be beautiful to display some more Coop finds, fine china or your collectibles. 
 We have a pair of these newly upholstered club chairs and they are the most comfortable chairs in the world. They are $450 each would make a statement with the fun coral piping. 
 Always, lucite -- available at the Coop. Come get a ghost chair and some great deals! 
bye bye birdie...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You asked for it...

Ok.. ok so we are over the moon about our COOP grand opening and we love that you guys came out to visit and shop despite the cold rainy weather. THANK YOU!!! 

Lots of you have asked "what's the plan?" The plan for this week is to be open today from 10-1 and tomorrow from 10-1. Though the place is looking a little less full, there is still lots of great finds! We have put all the Mitchell Black tableware on sale... The appetizer plates make the best hostess gifts! 

Get excited if you have invited us to one of your parties because that's what you are getting!!

 I love the Mitchell Black Queen charger... she might have to live on my wall!... but not to worry we have a few!
These gorgeous Mitchell Black cards would look amazing framed as well! 

So that's our plan for this week... our future plan is to use the space for girls nights, events, workshops and a monthly sale (for now). As our inventory grows we hope to be open once a week! But we are always available by appointment. Just email us! And.... like us on Facebook and we'll let you know when we are in the shop. We love drop-ins! Thank you again for a very fun, successful evening! 

Stay tuned for our next big event~

Stop by today (10-1) or tomorrow (10-1) for a visit!
The Coop
1930 Oleander Drive

Happy Tuesday!
Bye, bye birdie,
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