Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chi-town and below freezing...

Guess where I have been? Only one of my most favorite cities in the world... Chicago! 

(here I am in the city with my cute brother Lindley!)

Why did I go to Chicago in the winter you might ask? Hmmm... why would one leave 60 degree weather for 2 degree weather? Because.... my sister Elizabeth Beth  Bethy (who does not look a day over 35) turned 50!

And her AWESOME hubby and friends threw her the bash of the year! So, never one to miss a good throw down, my parents, brothers and I flew out to celebrate half a century with her! She knew my parents were coming but had no idea it was going to be a family affair. My brothers and I surprised her at her party.
Here's the whole family! Instead of gifts her friends asked that everyone bring an antique plate or bowl. My sister is always having dinner parties and hosting friends at her house. She loves to cook for others and unlike me, loves to pull out her china and inherited pieces to serve on. I love to order take out and eat out of the container! She makes entertaining look effortless... A trait I (unfortunately for my friends) do not possess...
Here are a few of the plates she received... Swoon... I love them and was trying to talk her into a plate wall in her dining room. (I'll keep ya posted on that one!)
At the party I got to meet so many wonderful people and loved meeting her friend Ellen! She's a BOF reader! Woohoo... Isn't she cute! Please note at one point in the day I too was cute (at least in my head) but at this point I had officially been awake for 24 hours. Hmmm... can you say glazed over?

The party was in a barn in their neighborhood and was all decked out with lights and swags.

One of her friends made these cool fabric swags... They looked amazing in the space.

The day after the par-tay we went sledding (when in Rome...) I had to borrow lots of winter gear. I am a bit of a wus and most definitely was designed for warm weather. However, I had a blast and loved being with my nieces and nephew!

 Aren't my nieces the cutest?
I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I was sore after sledding...

Even my parents got in on the action!

Here I am with my Mom and sister (told you she didn't look a day over 35!) And yes that is me on the left... the one trying not to expose any skin to the elements! Brrrr...
Hmmmm.... Norman Rockwell called and  wants his winter scene back. Bethy's neighborhood is on a prairie and so pretty covered in snow.

All in all it was a wonderful long weekend in Chicago! Happy Birthday sis and to all of you in weather below 60 degrees... Bless you heart! ...-A

Bye, bye birdie,

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Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Anne- What a wonderful post! Your nieces are adorable! You have a beautiful family.

I just added Birds Of A Feather to my blogroll (sorry it took a while!) - and I'm hosting 6 Days of Holiday Giveaways on EcoHappy Style Blog, too! Come and visit!

Happy Holidays!


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