Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY and done...

I have a barn door!!! Yipee... So this is how it all went down. (First excuse the dark pics- this is a very small dark hallway.)
I begged my brother to come help me. (thank you John)
 Jeff lent a hand as well. (thank you honey)
 And my patient brother let my girlies help out as well. Are you ever to young to learn your way around power tools?
 We are in love (well I am) with the end result... My hallway is so narrow it just didn't make since to put a door back that opened into the NARROW space. The door with its original wavy glass was $20 on Craigslist and the track and rollers came from a farm supply store for another $75. I was thrilled to get my dream door for under $100!

So why the need for the door? Well I am desperate to hide my teeny tiny laundry processing area. Below is the before with my paint samples started all over the room.

And... here is all the junk that was shoved on the shelves creating complete chaos. 

 Armed with a trash bag I ditched half this junk and yes it did feel good. A quick trip out for matching baskets and a little DIY project to cover the open shelf above and voila!

Ok, so I know the curtain needs to be actually sewn- I have it shoved up on the shelf so you could get the idea. (old habits die hard) I also grabbed that scrap fabric from the Coop to try. I am not sure it will stay... Do you like it?

 I shopped around my house for some art and threw it on the walls for interest. One area organized... a million to go! Happy Wednesday and Wilmington...enjoy the snow! -A

Bye, bye birdie,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Organize and hide...

Thank you Anna. 

So when cute Anna (totes adorbs) guest blogged for us from  Silver Spoon Taste (on a Plastic Fork Budget) I was excited because I knew I needed her help. She gave us 8 tips on how to clean our closets and clear our minds.(hmmmm...) You have heard me whine before about my LACK OF STORAGE in my little farmhouse circa 1976! 

My master closet (and I use that term loosely) is about 3'x5'. It was described as a walk in when we bought the house. Walk in- yes. Turn around- no. The good news is it is pretty organized already AND my clothes were already hung on matching hangers! This was one of the suggestions Anna made. So... Master closet: pretty good... moving along... Laundry closet: COMPLETE DISASTER! 

Ok, I know you want a picture but I am too embarrassed. However, things are happening over here and the laundry closet is getting a major face lift. Stay tuned for Wednesday! This weekend I have painted, researched, and begged my brother to come hang my new laundry door!!! (happening tonight -Yipee!)

My laundry room will be organized but now also hidden (for the days it's not) by my NEW....
drum roll...
wait for it....


I can not wait to show you! I am a little obsessed. And the best part... door included, this project was less then $100! If you have ever looked into barn door hardware kits you know less than $100 is a Christmas day miracle! It's going to be totes magoats (speaking of obsessed is anyone else totes diggin' that commercial??) Stay tuned....-A

Bye, bye birdie,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Kardashians Kook

I have a confession. I love, I repeat "love" to watch the Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know, it's embarrassing, but somehow, just saying it out loud makes me feel better. This is Hooper, here. NOT ANN. She would kill me if for one second you thought she actually watched it. Ever. Anyhooo, I record it and watch every.single.episode. Read has watched perhaps one episode with me. He said, and I quote:
"That is one hour I can never get back." 
It's mindless, it's ridiculous and they are so extravagant, it is absurd. I know, but I still love it. The whole black and white theme, season after season, gets old. But... their decor is stunning in some spots. For instance, I love the homey feel of Kourtney's kitchen. 
The barstools.... swoon... and I adore the flame stitch wallpaper. I will say, the Mackenzie Childs enamelware is a tad overdone. I just love the gray and gold with hints of black. 
No onto Kris's kitchen. Granted, she rarely uses it, unless it is to fix a glass of wine, but it is stunning nonetheless. I love the shape of the large islands. Not a big fan of the chandeliers, but for Kris, this is clean and simple. What about you? Do you watch it? Are there parts of their decor that you like or is it all too overdone, just like the cast? 
                           bye bye birdie...


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guest Blogger: Anna from Silver Spoon Taste!

Hi, I'm Anna, visiting from Silver Spoon Taste (on a Plastic Fork Budget) and I wanted to share some tips on how to create the perfect closet!
8 Ways to Clean Your Closet and Clear Your Mind
With the onslaught of resolutions, gym membership purchases and crazy juice cleanses, it’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla that comes with a New Year. January is a great time to start fresh, but it’s important to remember the resolutions that mean the most – the ones that reduce stress.
One of the best things you can do to relieve stress is to clear your mind, and an easy way to do that is by cleaning your closet. An organized, clean closet gives you unexpected clarity – outfits are easily assembled, clutter is significantly condensed and your closet finally reflects your unique personality. 

Let’s all pretend we are Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump for the day and make our closets beautiful.
Here are eight tricks to use to clean and organize your closet, and repeat them every New Year!
1. Haven't worn an article of clothing in two years? Give it away or sell it on Ebay. The best way to reduce clutter is to get rid of it. There are only so many ways you can organize those Christmas sweaters you've been hoarding since the 90's- I promise you, they are not coming back in style. And...neither are those matching headbands. This is easily the most arduous part of the process, but if you stick to the two-year rule then you will be able to sort through the pieces of clothing that your wear the most and those that you need to let go of. Take the emotion out of it and give it up! 
2. For long-term closet organization, it is important to know which clothing articles should be hung and which ones should be folded. If you have the space, fold your jeans, sweaters and t-shirts. Always hang blouses, jackets, blazers and dress pants. Determine the confines of your closet versus the volume of your folding space and then swap out items that could be folded for those that could be hung and vice versa. You never see sweaters or pants bulging out of celebrity closets on TV, so yours shouldn’t bulge either.   

See? No bulging and everything in its place. I can feel my heart rate lowering already. 

3. Buy matching hangers. Depending on how many clothes you have this could get a little costly – all the more reason to purge! -- but it is so worth it. Marshall’s and Target have great selections of black felt hangers that I highly recommend. Matching hangers make your closet look more uniform and bring out the striking colors of your clothes.
4. Sort each piece of clothing by type and arrange the various types in your closet in designated areas. Put pants near the back – they aren’t as visually appealing to display – and put blouses and tops near the front. 

5.  Once your clothing is arranged according to type, then sort it according to color. To really showcase your clothing, follow the rainbow – assemble warmer colors together and blend to cooler colors to flaunt your collection of pieces. 
You don’t see the hanger – all you see is your gorgeous clothes!

Thought you’d never take advice from Paris Hilton? Well you thought wrong. She neatly sorts her clothes by the colors of the rainbow, and you should too. 

6. If you have room, arrange your shoes on racks and put those that you like the most on eye level. I know this sounds strange, but even though you may not wear those gold sparkly stilettos every day, displaying them prominently in your closet where you can see them will make you happy. If you don’t have room for racks, then put your most favorite pairs of shoes towards the front so you can see them every day – this guarantees an instant smile to start your day. It’s the little things.
7. As you go through your closet to purge and organize, make notes of staple pieces that you are missing. Don’t have a good fitting pair of dark jeans? Need a tailored blazer for work and play? Write it down so you won’t forget, and then keep an eye out for when these items go on sale at your favorite retailers. 
8. Finally – make your closet look pretty! Swap out that old flush lighting mount for a trendy mini chandelier. Paint the ceiling of your closet a faint shade of aqua to add some flair. Install glass knobs on your closet door to make it feel special. Reward yourself for your hard work and now clean closet!

Coop Hours Today! 
Don't forget to visit The Coop today (Wednesday) from 
3:30-5:30pm. Stop by and shop at 1930 Oleander Drive 

Credit to:,,,, 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank you!!!

Thanks y'all for coming out Friday night to THE COOP!
 Our favorite moment of the night was when a friend came in looking for a piece for her foyer...

She loved this lacquered piece, contemplated for a moment and decided to buy it. She then said she loved how it was styled. We suggested buying everything on it (not thinking she would) Next thing we knew, she had bought it all. Less then an hour later she texted us this picture...

Looks great! We love a shopper that knows what she wants!

This mirrored chest is also new to the Coop and still available. And... we have 2!
(Not sure why it looks like it but there is not a crack in the top left corner.)

We are diggin' the modern lines and think these would look great as larger bedside chest or by itself in a living room.

Let us know if you want to come visit and like us Facebook for shop hours this week!

Thanks again for Friday night!
Bye, bye birdie,

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's a COOP night!

Woohoo! THE COOP is open tonight! 
Join us for wine & hanging out!

The Coop
1930B Oleander Drive
(the big red barn)
5-7 p.m.

OH... AND... (the best part)...drumroll...

THE WHOLE STORE IS 20% OFF! (we need to make room for more killer finds!)
See you tonight!

Bye, bye birdie, 

Thursday, January 16, 2014!

There is lots happening around here... Hooper and I were asked to be a part of the first annual Habitat for Humanity Restore Restyle competition in Wilmington! We along with all the other designers below are each designing a 10x10 room with only scores from the Habitat store.

So yesterday was the promotional filming and interviews. Let me just tell you how the day began... We arrived at 9 and were filmed for about an hour running into the store. Yes, that was about 5 takes. Hooper was wearing a net lace shirt and the starting ribbon attached itself to her as we busted through the  line. So Hooper ran into the store with a "train" attached. Very fancy... Soooo...for obvious reasons we did another take. In fact we spent an hour filming for a 60 second commercial. Felt a little less like a commercial and a little more like a documentary.

 I throw my hand up in the air sometimes... They told us to act excited... That's Hooper (middle right) with both hands fully extended above her head. She's such a good actress. I am to the right of her hiding behind the lady in the vest. Oh, wait... I see my hand- I'm a good actress too- I look so excited!
 Once we got into the store camera crews were interviewing people and following us around shopping. We just knew this would be our big break and yes we made our film debut! If you look closely that is Hooper's arm on the right of this shot. And I'm just to the right of her. Her lace shirt arm aired on the 6 o'clock news... We're famous!!

Did I mention we are not big on competition? While all the other designers were running around putting orange stickers on the items they wanted to use in their spaces we were stumbling around trying to find something...anything. I had picked up an acrylic shelf that was scratched and Hooper had broken out in hives and was contemplating taking a xanax. 

Then it happened... we heard a rolling cart behind us and turned to see the back of a double dresser rolling by us. Hooper grabbed my arm and gasped...does that say Henredon? We raced to the piece armed with our orange sticker and slapped it on. Swoon... we were standing in front of the most gorgeous mid century double dresser complete with brass and wood knobs. We heard another cart only to see the matching nightstands rolling our way... Score. By this point other designers had discovered our finds and were milling around. Though I do not like competition I can get competitive. I asked the rolling cart guy to guard our stuff while we got more stickers. All said and done we scored several pieces of Henredon that became a game changer for our room plan. 

Sometimes it pays off to hide out in the back of the store in the fetal position. Paid off for us!
We also scored this little lacquered beauty...
 After the "shop" we had our interview which will be aired on the world wide web- we are international! Well, we went first and there were only 3 questions and Hooper and I did a complete roll reversal. I am normally unfazed, laid back, human xanax and Hooper is usually a nervous wreck when it comes to these things. But yesterday I was a wreck and truly on the verge of fainting right there in our interview. My hair was frizzy, I was pale and  could feel and hear my heart beating. So for reassurance I look over at Hooper and what the...? Is she glowing? Did she have a blowout while we were shopping? When did hair and make up arrive? Are you kidding me? No time to panic...I have to answer the first question. I smiled, stuttered and tried my best meanwhile the camera man makes this weird face like I said something dumb. Oh no- what did I say? Oh yes.. It must of been when I said there were millions of designers here today and I was thrilled to be a part of such a talented group. Hmmm... millions or 30?  Whew, my turn is over and Hooper begins to answer her question- flawlessly. Oh well.. anyhoo, it was finally over and I peeled out of the parking lot on 2 wheels while Hooper stayed behind to sign autographs.-No just kidding! Seriously, we are thrilled to be a part of such a great organization and can't wait to show you how it all unfolds! 

I am more composed today and now focusing on opening The Coop tomorrow night! Don't forget to join us!...-A

The Coop
Open: Friday, January 17th
1930B Oleander Drive

Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cocktails at the Coop...

Got plans Friday night? .... Join us at The Coop for wine and shopping. (I know, I know, we had you at wine!) 
We've been adding a few things here and there but we want to make space for new cool finds 
The whole shop is 20% off! 
 Are you not loving this new lacquered piece we just got in? Greek key legs and the original Lucite pulls...yes please! (and on sale... bonus!)
 We still have 2 of these cubes in the shop. Tuck it between 2 chairs or pair them together to make a coffee table. We love them! Mirror, brass, marble?? Whats not to love! (did I mention they were on sale?)

 Come shop and hang out or just come hang out!

THE COOP: 1930B Oleander Drive
OPEN: Friday, January 17th
5 p.m.- 7 p.m.

Can not wait to see you! 
Bye bye birdie,

Monday, January 13, 2014

American Hustle

And the winner is.... Yep. American Hustle raked in the Golden Globes. Much deserved, if you ask me. Read and I saw it a couple of weekends ago and I loved it. 
 Read -- not so much. I loved the era -- especially the interiors. Some of the details I could recall from the 70's. I was age 0-6, but still, even then, I could appreciate good style. Inspired by American Hustle, we are adding these beauties to The Coop.... 
There are 6 of them and we have big plans for these dining chairs so stay tuned....
This is Roz's ranch. If you can look past the rust velvet, check out the coveted zebra on the hearth. Swoon.
Here he is in all of his glory -- visiting over from First Dibs. Oh yeah, he's a pricey little zebra. 
 Check out Roz's (Jennifer Lawrence) dining table and chairs -- lucite heaven. OK, so the chairs are a little over the top, but look at the rivets in the dining table base. 
I love the lines of the furniture in this space. This is Sydney's apartment -- equipped with beautiful grasscloth  and pops of electric yellow. You can't see it, but I noticed a lucite bar cart in the back corner next to the buffet. 
It was similar to this one. I have no idea what was happening during this part of the movie, I was so taken with the cart. I would totally recommend American Hustle, if you can keep up -- don't get distracted by the furniture like I did -- and don't ask me what the movie was about -- not sure I could tell you.
Bye bye birdie...

credit to: American Hustle

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

All I want for Christmas is a Fire Pit

On our recent trip to the mountains, Read insisted on tending to the fires 24/7. I explained that the outdoor fireplace and the indoor fireplace need not be tended to ALL day long considering we had central heat. Yet, he "tended" -- lugging in wood, lighting the starter, throwing in all kinds of stuff to keep it going... boy scout style. Did I mention he was NOT a boy scout? I think there is something primal about it... cave man like. Or maybe every man is inspired a little by Paul Bunyan/Daniel Boone. Regardless, I decided on the perfect Christmas gift for my Paul Bunyan. You know what they say: The More Saving, the More Doing... that's the power of the Home Depot. 
Hutson was sick a few days before the break so we took a little trip to the HD. I got a quick tutorial and loaded up my mini-van with 600 pounds of stone. No biggie. I got this.
Nothing like a little child labor (from a sick child). He stayed in his PJ's all day and I carried 48 big bricks while Hutson carried 48 little ones. 
It only took us about an hour once we got the ground level. The bricks are really shaped so you can't mess up and the fire pit insert fits right into the stone structure. It was an easy task for a morning and cost $251. I didn't tell Read about it and he didn't venture into that side of the yard until the big reveal. We wrapped up S'more fixin's and starter logs... oh and a fire extinguisher, just in case. 
 I love how it turned out and it's definitely cold enough to use it. He's outside right now, as I type, tending to the fire so we can roast hot dogs for dinner. Uh oh, I may have created a monster. Merry Christmas Paul Bunyan! 
bye bye birdie...

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