Wednesday, January 8, 2014

All I want for Christmas is a Fire Pit

On our recent trip to the mountains, Read insisted on tending to the fires 24/7. I explained that the outdoor fireplace and the indoor fireplace need not be tended to ALL day long considering we had central heat. Yet, he "tended" -- lugging in wood, lighting the starter, throwing in all kinds of stuff to keep it going... boy scout style. Did I mention he was NOT a boy scout? I think there is something primal about it... cave man like. Or maybe every man is inspired a little by Paul Bunyan/Daniel Boone. Regardless, I decided on the perfect Christmas gift for my Paul Bunyan. You know what they say: The More Saving, the More Doing... that's the power of the Home Depot. 
Hutson was sick a few days before the break so we took a little trip to the HD. I got a quick tutorial and loaded up my mini-van with 600 pounds of stone. No biggie. I got this.
Nothing like a little child labor (from a sick child). He stayed in his PJ's all day and I carried 48 big bricks while Hutson carried 48 little ones. 
It only took us about an hour once we got the ground level. The bricks are really shaped so you can't mess up and the fire pit insert fits right into the stone structure. It was an easy task for a morning and cost $251. I didn't tell Read about it and he didn't venture into that side of the yard until the big reveal. We wrapped up S'more fixin's and starter logs... oh and a fire extinguisher, just in case. 
 I love how it turned out and it's definitely cold enough to use it. He's outside right now, as I type, tending to the fire so we can roast hot dogs for dinner. Uh oh, I may have created a monster. Merry Christmas Paul Bunyan! 
bye bye birdie...

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