Monday, January 6, 2014

Bahama Mama

Santa surprised our kids with a trip to the Bahamas for Christmas. Thank you Santa! It was a much needed vacay and we loved escaping the 28 degree weather at home. We told the kids by giving them passports and bathing suits. Try finding bathing suits (even at the beach) in the winter. They were so excited! 
They LOVED the "excelator" at the airport. Seriously? We could have just gone to Belk. 
We took a limo from the airport. I swear, had we rented a limo and driven to Belk, they would have been just as happy. It's the little things. 
 Don't get me wrong. By the time we got to the Bahamas, they practically turned into Bahamians. Graham got her hair braided and the twins started to referring to each other as "Mon". 
 Thing 1 and Thing 2 had a blast doing all of the water sports. Thing 1 even swam with sharks. I did too, but somehow that wasn't nearly as significant. There is something incredibly off-putting about throwing your child to the sharks. He is my child that is afraid of everything so this was a BIG deal. 

We rang in the New Year (photo taken at 7:00 pm). The twins and I were asleep by 10:00 but we celebrated...

... Junkanoo style.

We did venture off property one night to Gray Cliff for dinner. The history and the British Colonial architecture make it a Nassau gem. Decorated for Christmas, it was a trip highlight (for me). Oh... and the food. It's full of beautiful English antiques and has been a popular spot for everyone from Churchill to David and India Hicks.
Isn't it lovely?
We swam with Flipper (who's name was actually "Michelle"). I don't know why that cracks me up. 
Our vacation was filled with fun in 'da sun. Now back to reality. I just finished packing tomorrow's lunches and am on my 15th load of laundry. Thankful to be welcoming 2014 with family, friends and our loyal readers. Here's to a REALLY great fabulous year...
bye bye birdie...

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AnnaBoyd said...

These pictures are adorable! Happy New Year!

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