Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY and done...

I have a barn door!!! Yipee... So this is how it all went down. (First excuse the dark pics- this is a very small dark hallway.)
I begged my brother to come help me. (thank you John)
 Jeff lent a hand as well. (thank you honey)
 And my patient brother let my girlies help out as well. Are you ever to young to learn your way around power tools?
 We are in love (well I am) with the end result... My hallway is so narrow it just didn't make since to put a door back that opened into the NARROW space. The door with its original wavy glass was $20 on Craigslist and the track and rollers came from a farm supply store for another $75. I was thrilled to get my dream door for under $100!

So why the need for the door? Well I am desperate to hide my teeny tiny laundry processing area. Below is the before with my paint samples started all over the room.

And... here is all the junk that was shoved on the shelves creating complete chaos. 

 Armed with a trash bag I ditched half this junk and yes it did feel good. A quick trip out for matching baskets and a little DIY project to cover the open shelf above and voila!

Ok, so I know the curtain needs to be actually sewn- I have it shoved up on the shelf so you could get the idea. (old habits die hard) I also grabbed that scrap fabric from the Coop to try. I am not sure it will stay... Do you like it?

 I shopped around my house for some art and threw it on the walls for interest. One area organized... a million to go! Happy Wednesday and Wilmington...enjoy the snow! -A

Bye, bye birdie,


Beth said...

Way to go sister! I am soooo proud of you!

Nancy said...

I love it! makes me want to put one up in my home. wait, I think I could use three of them. and I need an awesome brother to help me out too. I love a family that has power tools and knows how to use them! you are blessed!

Brooke Richardson said...

I would love to know where you got the hardware for this project. I am looking for an inexpensive kit for some rental homes in am working on.
Brooke Richardson

paula said...

Looks fabulous! I have been wanting to do this to our laundry area! It has two doors that swing into the tiniest space. This would make it feel huge! LOVE the door too.

Unknown said...

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Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Ann- What a gorgeous door! I can see why you are so happy and love that you reused an old door! Charm, charm, charm!!!!

EcoHappily and Stylishly Yours,

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