Friday, January 24, 2014

Kardashians Kook

I have a confession. I love, I repeat "love" to watch the Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know, it's embarrassing, but somehow, just saying it out loud makes me feel better. This is Hooper, here. NOT ANN. She would kill me if for one second you thought she actually watched it. Ever. Anyhooo, I record it and watch every.single.episode. Read has watched perhaps one episode with me. He said, and I quote:
"That is one hour I can never get back." 
It's mindless, it's ridiculous and they are so extravagant, it is absurd. I know, but I still love it. The whole black and white theme, season after season, gets old. But... their decor is stunning in some spots. For instance, I love the homey feel of Kourtney's kitchen. 
The barstools.... swoon... and I adore the flame stitch wallpaper. I will say, the Mackenzie Childs enamelware is a tad overdone. I just love the gray and gold with hints of black. 
No onto Kris's kitchen. Granted, she rarely uses it, unless it is to fix a glass of wine, but it is stunning nonetheless. I love the shape of the large islands. Not a big fan of the chandeliers, but for Kris, this is clean and simple. What about you? Do you watch it? Are there parts of their decor that you like or is it all too overdone, just like the cast? 
                           bye bye birdie...


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My Interior Life said...

I admit - I have watched it from time to time. Not religiously, but enough to kind of know what's going on (not like it takes much to catch up on their life - I still don't really understand how they've made their $). Anyway. I think, by far, Kourtney has the best taste. Her house which I heard is now for sale is all over the blogosphere. Some of it is way over the top for me (there seem to be bold stripes and/or chevrons in EVERY room), no restraint. Yes, I love those barstools and her dining area with the brass rams head table.

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