Thursday, January 16, 2014!

There is lots happening around here... Hooper and I were asked to be a part of the first annual Habitat for Humanity Restore Restyle competition in Wilmington! We along with all the other designers below are each designing a 10x10 room with only scores from the Habitat store.

So yesterday was the promotional filming and interviews. Let me just tell you how the day began... We arrived at 9 and were filmed for about an hour running into the store. Yes, that was about 5 takes. Hooper was wearing a net lace shirt and the starting ribbon attached itself to her as we busted through the  line. So Hooper ran into the store with a "train" attached. Very fancy... Soooo...for obvious reasons we did another take. In fact we spent an hour filming for a 60 second commercial. Felt a little less like a commercial and a little more like a documentary.

 I throw my hand up in the air sometimes... They told us to act excited... That's Hooper (middle right) with both hands fully extended above her head. She's such a good actress. I am to the right of her hiding behind the lady in the vest. Oh, wait... I see my hand- I'm a good actress too- I look so excited!
 Once we got into the store camera crews were interviewing people and following us around shopping. We just knew this would be our big break and yes we made our film debut! If you look closely that is Hooper's arm on the right of this shot. And I'm just to the right of her. Her lace shirt arm aired on the 6 o'clock news... We're famous!!

Did I mention we are not big on competition? While all the other designers were running around putting orange stickers on the items they wanted to use in their spaces we were stumbling around trying to find something...anything. I had picked up an acrylic shelf that was scratched and Hooper had broken out in hives and was contemplating taking a xanax. 

Then it happened... we heard a rolling cart behind us and turned to see the back of a double dresser rolling by us. Hooper grabbed my arm and gasped...does that say Henredon? We raced to the piece armed with our orange sticker and slapped it on. Swoon... we were standing in front of the most gorgeous mid century double dresser complete with brass and wood knobs. We heard another cart only to see the matching nightstands rolling our way... Score. By this point other designers had discovered our finds and were milling around. Though I do not like competition I can get competitive. I asked the rolling cart guy to guard our stuff while we got more stickers. All said and done we scored several pieces of Henredon that became a game changer for our room plan. 

Sometimes it pays off to hide out in the back of the store in the fetal position. Paid off for us!
We also scored this little lacquered beauty...
 After the "shop" we had our interview which will be aired on the world wide web- we are international! Well, we went first and there were only 3 questions and Hooper and I did a complete roll reversal. I am normally unfazed, laid back, human xanax and Hooper is usually a nervous wreck when it comes to these things. But yesterday I was a wreck and truly on the verge of fainting right there in our interview. My hair was frizzy, I was pale and  could feel and hear my heart beating. So for reassurance I look over at Hooper and what the...? Is she glowing? Did she have a blowout while we were shopping? When did hair and make up arrive? Are you kidding me? No time to panic...I have to answer the first question. I smiled, stuttered and tried my best meanwhile the camera man makes this weird face like I said something dumb. Oh no- what did I say? Oh yes.. It must of been when I said there were millions of designers here today and I was thrilled to be a part of such a talented group. Hmmm... millions or 30?  Whew, my turn is over and Hooper begins to answer her question- flawlessly. Oh well.. anyhoo, it was finally over and I peeled out of the parking lot on 2 wheels while Hooper stayed behind to sign autographs.-No just kidding! Seriously, we are thrilled to be a part of such a great organization and can't wait to show you how it all unfolds! 

I am more composed today and now focusing on opening The Coop tomorrow night! Don't forget to join us!...-A

The Coop
Open: Friday, January 17th
1930B Oleander Drive

Bye, bye birdie,


diane said...

Congrats on surviving. I filmed an episode of TLC's take on House Hunters last year and it was certainly an eye opener! Especially the amount of time it took and how important good lighting is (we had none and it showed when it aired! Yikes!) Looking forward to seeing what you do with that great furniture.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! Maybe you two will get your own show!! Can I guest star?

bluehydrangea said...

OK, Goperman is really me, not some creepy guy reading your blog. Clay was logged onto my computer and I didn't know it.

kerrie said...

I can't get the visual of Ann on two wheels and Hooper signing autographs out of my head…ha!!! You girls totally scored. Looking forward to seeing the 10x10!!!

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