Thursday, January 2, 2014

Love the one you're with...

We got the cutest email from a girl we went to high school with. She read my last post where I was whining sharing about my lack of storage and deep rooted desire for a mud room. Well, Claire (cute girl from high school) recently moved back to Wilmington and bought a house. They left a mack daddy mudroom in their old house and bought a house without one (bless her heart). Claire felt my pain and shared how she took matters into her own hands in her new home! She transformed a hall closet into a mini mud room.
(bummer for me I do not even have one of those!... darn you 1976 house plan!)

Claire told her hubby what she wanted and in a weekend he built it! 
I spy with my little eye 8 hooks!!! Wow... now that's maximizing space!
  Remember the beach condo reno I did last year? See here. There was a weird little nook that lacked a purpose right by the front door so I had a bench/cubby area built. Perfect for hanging a beach bag and stashing some flops. Look for the potential awkward spaces might have!

And in my own kitchen revamp,(see here), I did manage to find a spot in our house for 4 hooks! Woohoo! Not exactly the mudroom I dream about but hey, keeps the book packs off the floor! 

Soooo... Thank you so much Claire for showing us your new (almost as great as the old) mudroom! We love creative solutions... AND are so impressed that it was done in a weekend! ...-A

Happy Thursday,
bye, bye birdie,

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