Friday, February 28, 2014

TGIF and.... bar carts!

Is it just me or are bar carts popping up EVERYWHERE? I hope it's not one of those things when you start doing more of something you start noticing more things related to that something you are doing. Like say... drinking? Hmmm... Intervention anyone? 

Anyhoo... No Hooper and I are not heavy drinkers other then a vat glass of wine here and there but we are noticing bar carts everywhere and LOVING them! Sooo... here are a few affordable and way cool options...

We just talked about this one a post ago and we just used it in a clients house. For $349 this Ballard Design cart is a WINNER! 
Brass: check!
Bamboo: check!
Price: YES!
So for a little more glam and still super cool, this West Elm option is perfection. Chrome and mirror? Say no more. This little beauty is the perfect cart to store sparkly things and all your cocktail needs. And... at $399 it's still a good price for what you get!
So... now we are speaking my language. Thank you Target for once more delivering on trend and on time. This simple brass cart is a great size and only $129! Woohoo! Everyone rush out and grab this bad boy! The faux wood shelves are vibing mid century but the clean design would work anywhere! 
Jeff, if you are reading this, Wouldn't it be fun to pick up a little treat for your wonderful, hardworking, adoring wife. I mean can you just imagine how excited I she would be if you brought this home from Target? (furniture department...half way down on the right... press the buzzer at the end of the aisle and they will load it for you) I just think this would be a great addition to the beautiful home  I she has worked so hard to create for you. Just sayin... 

We recently styled this bad boy for a Focus on the Coast Shoot -- stay tuned for more on that, but do run out and pick up the March issue on stands now...and check out some fab cocktail recipes on the Focus on the Coast blog
This small cart is perfect as a small bar or as a side table. Or double duty -- why can't a side table be stocked with alcohol. Is that weird? 
Let us know if you have to have this one! 

And in other news... stay tuned- We are gong to have to open our doors soon... The Coop is almost full with insane finds! Save your dough and we'll keep you posted!

Happy Friday! (I am off to clean and gather accesories for my new bar cart! Jeff?....) 

Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

48 hours...

Hooper and I just got in last night from sunny Florida! It was 80 degrees and gorgeous but we hardly noticed because we were there to decorate a clients house in 48 hours... The clients husband had done a little shopping on his own and bought a dining table, buffet, sofa and 3 living room chairs. All the pieces had great bones and were easy to work with.

So how do you decorate a house in 48 hours? 
First: You thank your lucky stars that Jacksonville, Florida has a Ballard Design, West Elm, Pottery Barn and .... HOME GOODS!!!
Second: You drink lots of coffee, and take adderall stay posotive.

Lucky for us the stars alligned and we found amazing scores for the client....

(Everything you see here went to the clients house and then some!). We had a train of 13 carts at check out! 13 was our lucky number that day...

Two of these made it off the floor at ballard and into the clients living room flanking the fireplace. And... FYI, Ballards lightly distressed lacquered fininsh is INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!

How do you you fill a 25' wall ...hmmm... You buy the worlds largest piece of art from Home Goods. Gorgeous and all the right colors.

And our top bar cart pick? (drumroll) ..... Ballard design's brass bamboo bar cart is huge and stunning AND only $349.  Of course it would be perfect in a dining room but we love it as a side table too!
Do you see taht Pottery Barn rug? We do not go there much for rugs but could not pass this one or the dining room rug up...

 You can not go wrong with a simple Ballard table to fill a space and offer horizontal surface area  for accessories! (You know we love accessories!)
 Another beautiful PB rug fills the dining room...
We created this centerpiece from containers and silk florals from HomeGoods. Not usually a big fan of silk flowers, but their orchids can't be beat.  Plus, if you dig a little, you can find preserved boxwoods. So pretty on this reflective surface...
The trip was a huge success and the client is thrilled with her new space. Stay tuned for more on our road trip and fab finds.... bye bye birdie...

Monday, February 24, 2014

So we made it to Florida for a VERY BIG shopping trip prior to hitting San Marco where we have 48 hours to decorate a client's house from top to bottom. We squeezed in a little West Palm Beach "junk" shopping the day before to fill up the Coop for another sale. We rented a truck and let's just say that our 16' truck is FULL of treasures for YOU!  Here's how it went down.... 
A1A Beachfront Avenue was like heaven on Earth... 
We found some amazing pieces. Some shops we needed to dig, which you know we love and others...
 No digging required because everything was perfect. 
 We scored at every single stop. Seriously, it would take months for us to shop and get this many killer pieces. Some were out of our price points, but fun to look... 
 After every shop had closed and we had loaded up our truck, we locked up the back (with our suitcases) and hit the road for San Marco. Considering it was a 4 hour trip and it was 7pm when we left, we had quite the road ahead. By midnight, we arrived at our hotel excited about a fresh start the next day when we would hit the ground running to shop for the empty house waiting for us. Until... Hooper broke the key in the lock on the back of the truck. Yep, the truck filled with our finds and more importantly, our CLEAN clothes. Sergio safely and legally removed the lock with a dental tool and by 2:30 we were finally asleep dreaming of our very long and very fab day.... stay tuned for more on this adventure... 

 bye bye birdie... 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Powder Room: Jewel Boxes

I love an unexpected powder room. You may have seen this powder room in the March issue of HGTV magazine. YES!!! That is one that Ann and I did for a client in the mountains. Nothing prepares you for this while flipping through a mag in the Walmart aisle when you unexpectedly come across your work. Nothing. 
Because it is such a small space and mostly used by guests, it is always fun when the client is willing to take risks. Wallpaper is my favorite way to liven up a bathroom. Unless you can get Ann to do something like this... Remember this powder room from one of our most daring clients?

 I love how the metallic damask paper turned out and go glad she went for the coral ceiling. 
 A lacquered mirror from The Coop mimics the lines of the wallpaper. 

 We kept their existing vanity and changed out the top and knobs. Check out the BEFORE:
Changing the faux marble top to real marble and swapping out the brass fixtures for an updated look was a less expensive fix than ripping out the vanity and it looks brand new! 

We changed out the knobs for some turquoise "jewelry" from Anthropologie. 

 I'm loving the chandelier -- and the round bulbs -- it's all in the details. 
The living room and dining room are almost finished. If you think this is fun.... stay tuned! 
bye bye birdie...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Designer Show house!

We are so excited to be a part of this year's Wilmington Arts Council's Designer Showhouse. They released the selections on Friday -- an anonymous jury selected designers based on their design pitch. We went for the foyer and the library, hoping for one or the other. We are so excited to announce that we are decorating the FOYER! It's a little nerve racking because it will be everyone's first impression when they enter the home. Check out our plan below... it is complete with our own CUSTOM wallpaper design. We designed the paper from a vintage pagoda pattern. Our cutting edge friends at Port City Signs and Graphics will be printing it for us. Isn't it beautiful?

We selected the wallpaper colors based on the current trim color. It looks to be Benjamin Moore "Stratton blue". We are planning on leaving the trim, which we love just the way it is. 

 Our plan includes an antique Oriental rug from the Gallery of Oriental Rugs. It has beautiful vibrant colors and a medallion to ground a glass and brass table -- which we will fill with flowers and blue/white Oriental jars and vases. 

We will pull in fun fabrics and accent some killer wing backs covered in linen. They are traditional with a twist. Literally. Don't you just love the lines? There is a pair of them and we think they will look great flanking the entry. 
 Everyone needs an Oscar de la Renta for Century chair in their space. Isn't it perfection?
 This framed antique Chinese screen is made of silk. The detail is stunning and we hope to hang this in the space. We can't wait for you to see the finished product! 
Be sure to stay tuned and visit the Wilmington Arts Council Designer Showhouse May 2-18, 2014. We hope to see you there! 
bye bye birdie....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Eleven...and a little red...

I'm not one big on Valentines Day... never have been. I think I was scarred by the dozen roses I found in my locker in high school that came from a boy I DID NOT LIKE... Made for lots of awkward explanations as I carried them through the hallway mortified. I've always been a less is more girl and a dozen pink roses on Valentines Day about sent me over the edge! 

BUT... 11 years ago my sweet, beautiful Lindley was born and changed my world and perspective forever. And if ever a child was meant to be born on Valentines it is her! She is so kind and loving and truly growing into a beautiful little soul...

In other news (and far less important) Red is for obvious reasons the color of the day! Red is a tough one but when done right... I LOVE IT!

Everything about this room makes my heart race... the photograph, yellow lacquered chair and of course rug! Oh, and did I mention the most perfect wall color for the space ever. That's it... I'm having a yard sale and starting over! 
 (Little Green Notebook)
I slowly got all the red from the late 90's out of my house only to now be contemplating adding a little back in. (In smaller doses of course!) This rug is up for auction and would look amazing in my living room,  and open a can of worms... hmmm...
While searching for fabric for a client I came across this...
(Pagoda River)
Pretty great...huh? Love the teal in it! This would be a fun punch of red added to a room... pillows anyone? 

Ohhh... and yes, we are filling up the Coop and can't wait to open our doors! (There might be a little red here and there!) 

Happy Valentines... 
and... Happy Birthday Lindley!!!..-A

Bye, bye birdie,
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