Friday, February 14, 2014

Eleven...and a little red...

I'm not one big on Valentines Day... never have been. I think I was scarred by the dozen roses I found in my locker in high school that came from a boy I DID NOT LIKE... Made for lots of awkward explanations as I carried them through the hallway mortified. I've always been a less is more girl and a dozen pink roses on Valentines Day about sent me over the edge! 

BUT... 11 years ago my sweet, beautiful Lindley was born and changed my world and perspective forever. And if ever a child was meant to be born on Valentines it is her! She is so kind and loving and truly growing into a beautiful little soul...

In other news (and far less important) Red is for obvious reasons the color of the day! Red is a tough one but when done right... I LOVE IT!

Everything about this room makes my heart race... the photograph, yellow lacquered chair and of course rug! Oh, and did I mention the most perfect wall color for the space ever. That's it... I'm having a yard sale and starting over! 
 (Little Green Notebook)
I slowly got all the red from the late 90's out of my house only to now be contemplating adding a little back in. (In smaller doses of course!) This rug is up for auction and would look amazing in my living room,  and open a can of worms... hmmm...
While searching for fabric for a client I came across this...
(Pagoda River)
Pretty great...huh? Love the teal in it! This would be a fun punch of red added to a room... pillows anyone? 

Ohhh... and yes, we are filling up the Coop and can't wait to open our doors! (There might be a little red here and there!) 

Happy Valentines... 
and... Happy Birthday Lindley!!!..-A

Bye, bye birdie,

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