Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Indy...a little shopping and a little adventure...

A few weeks ago Jeff and I went to Indianapolis for a long weekend. Hmmm... why would one go there in the winter? Jeff's cousin and her husband live there so we went to visit and help them with their new old house. Remember the $1500 makeover here on their first place? They have now been married 2 years and just moved on up to the East  some side of Indianapolis in this great old house in a super cool neighborhood. 

When we got there we hit the ground running and after the usual stops (HG, WE, C&B...) We tried our hand at a little antique shopping. IF YOU LIVE NEAR INDY YOU MUST GO TO MIDLAND ANTIQUES... NOW. Wow, I could have filled a truck...
Everything you see in the picture above is vintage... arc lamp, glass and brass, giant Indy photo, Lucite, art, atomic lights... swoon...
Would a Lucite bar cart be considered carry on? Would they even see it? Sorry everyone, I wanted this bad for the Coop but it was a no go :(... All the shelves on the one below swung out...LOVED IT but didn't come home with me either... (sob)
These little figurines did come home with me... Aren't they beautiful!
So Natalie had never been antiquing before and it can be a bit overwhelming so we decided to also try our hand at Craigslist.  

After visiting the Craigslist killers basement (no joke) and making it out alive we tried one more time for the perfect piece... that's when we meet Earle. Love him. He is retired and buys up estate sales. Earle had this beautiful bamboo campaign bedroom suite. Natalie bought the tall dresser and the long dresser. 
Pretty great ...huh? The problem was while Earle does deliver, he could not deliver the day we bought them. Well... I was flying out the next day and the long one needed to be painted.  So I hear myself saying out loud. "Can I just borrow your box truck?" then I hear Earle saying (also out loud) "um...sure!" Then I look at Natalie who does not borrow large trucks from strangers and she is deer in the headlights speechless. Soooo... We loaded the truck, I took the keys, and we were off.
Now, don't go thinking Earle was irresponsible. He did ask me if I could drive a box truck- OF COURSE Earle! What he failed to ask was whether or not I could drive in snow and ice. Hmmmm... (I did have to dig out the truck twice, but that's just a little detail) 

The best part was Jeff called while I was driving alone in Indy on the highway in the truck. And when he asked what I was doing and I told him driving a borrowed box truck from a CL guy full of  furniture he didn't even flinch. Nor did he ask me any more questions. Later I asked him why he didn't seem surprised and his response was " Why wouldn't you be driving a borrowed box truck in the middle of Indianapolis?"  Wow, have we desensitized our hubby's from the norm or what!?!?

So we got the long piece painted -needs touch up... and accessories... but I love the way it looks painted Benjamin Moore gossamer blue! -This is one of my favorite colors for furniture.

Oh... We also scored these vintage globes from Earle... Aren't they fun?
And the whole trip would have been a bust without a little side of the road trash grab. Yes- we threw that  great bentwood cane back chair in the car at 8 a.m. 
So all in all it was a successful trip. Natalie and Sean got some great stuff for their new old house and I was home 
just in time to host 
Molly's birthday sleepover for 20 10!
(nothing like a photo bomb from a younger sibling!)

Happy Wednesday!...

Bye, bye birdie,


Sharyn said...

Great loot! I live in Fort Wayne, but I often drag my husband the two hours to Indy to visit Midlands (so, so dreamy). I'd love to see what Earle has the next time I'm there - can you email me his details? Thank you!

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