Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl... Recap

Super Bowl Recap. It's a little foggy. We decided to invite some friends over for a "laid back" supper with kids. Yeah, I can do laid back. No problem. I like to effortlessly entertain. Here's how it went down...
Realize at 4:00 that porch is covered in algae from days of being iced in by the "great snow storm that hit Wilmington" last week. Read insisted my friends wouldn't notice the green sheet of gunk left from the thaw. Me, being laid back, decided to scrub it on my hands and knees with every towel we own. Check. Deck done.

5:00. Must make new dip recipe I found on FaceBook. Haul out giant $2.50 gallon of crushed tomatoes (smallest size at Costco and refusing to go to another store for an appropriate size of tomatoes).
Can't open lid properly due to inefficient can opener. 
5:10: Practically chop off my finger (why typing so slowly). 
I'm not squeamish, I'm laid back and cool in a crisis. Oh yeah. Start screaming and almost faint. No one is home but Hutson who must tape it up so I can shower. No way am I having company over looking like this. I shower and  manage to dry my hair and apply make up with my left hand. Then took my laid back self to Medac for 3 stitches. Make it back AFTER all of my guests arrive. I highly recommend this. While it isn't very welcoming, by the time I got back, the party was rolling and all of the delicious food (including my dip) was being served by many wonderful hostesses. I got to enjoy my friends at my own party. In other news, my friend made an amazing pound cake... 
This beauty is filled with chocolate chips and butterscotch. Seriously? She should sell them.
Most shocking tid bit of the night.... 
Anthony Kiedis is 51 years old. What???? How did that happen? 

In design news, all of the installs that were delayed by the "snow" are happening this week, so hopefully, we will have some pics to show you. For additional super bowl seating, future project, I bought these must have wing backs over the weekend and they are looking pretty great in their new temporary home. 
Kids are back in school so Happy Monday to you! 
bye bye birdie...

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