Friday, February 28, 2014

TGIF and.... bar carts!

Is it just me or are bar carts popping up EVERYWHERE? I hope it's not one of those things when you start doing more of something you start noticing more things related to that something you are doing. Like say... drinking? Hmmm... Intervention anyone? 

Anyhoo... No Hooper and I are not heavy drinkers other then a vat glass of wine here and there but we are noticing bar carts everywhere and LOVING them! Sooo... here are a few affordable and way cool options...

We just talked about this one a post ago and we just used it in a clients house. For $349 this Ballard Design cart is a WINNER! 
Brass: check!
Bamboo: check!
Price: YES!
So for a little more glam and still super cool, this West Elm option is perfection. Chrome and mirror? Say no more. This little beauty is the perfect cart to store sparkly things and all your cocktail needs. And... at $399 it's still a good price for what you get!
So... now we are speaking my language. Thank you Target for once more delivering on trend and on time. This simple brass cart is a great size and only $129! Woohoo! Everyone rush out and grab this bad boy! The faux wood shelves are vibing mid century but the clean design would work anywhere! 
Jeff, if you are reading this, Wouldn't it be fun to pick up a little treat for your wonderful, hardworking, adoring wife. I mean can you just imagine how excited I she would be if you brought this home from Target? (furniture department...half way down on the right... press the buzzer at the end of the aisle and they will load it for you) I just think this would be a great addition to the beautiful home  I she has worked so hard to create for you. Just sayin... 

We recently styled this bad boy for a Focus on the Coast Shoot -- stay tuned for more on that, but do run out and pick up the March issue on stands now...and check out some fab cocktail recipes on the Focus on the Coast blog
This small cart is perfect as a small bar or as a side table. Or double duty -- why can't a side table be stocked with alcohol. Is that weird? 
Let us know if you have to have this one! 

And in other news... stay tuned- We are gong to have to open our doors soon... The Coop is almost full with insane finds! Save your dough and we'll keep you posted!

Happy Friday! (I am off to clean and gather accesories for my new bar cart! Jeff?....) 

Bye, bye birdie,

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Nancy said...

Love that last bar cart! Where's it from?

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