Friday, March 7, 2014

Aint' to proud to beg...

I warned you that I had become a little obsessed with bar carts.... Remember a few post ago when I found the Target bar cart that I had to have. Well....


This is how it went down: I gave my hubby a few subtle hints on the blog that he should get it for me and followed it up with this conversation:

Me: So, Jeff, did you read the blog today?
Jeff: You mean the one you forwarded me 3 times?
Me: yeah, that one.
Jeff: Yes Ann, I skimmed over it.
Me: Did you skim over the part about that great bar cart I found? 
Jeff: I saw it
(So this is annoying... Are you getting me the bar cart or what?!?!)

Jeff: Ann, if you want that bar cart just order it and have it shipped here.
Me: Why don't you just go to Target and get it for me?
Jeff: I don't do Target
(clearly the magic of Target is lost on this man)

Soooo... In the blink of an eye that bad boy was ordered and on it's way to mi casa! You may wonder why I just didn't drive to Target myself but between 4 kids, soccer, and blah blah blah it was easier to have Target come to me.

I didn't really need it for a bar. I just needed more horizontal surface area to accessorize and I had a little lonely corner begging for some love. 
(excuse the are people professional iphone photographers?!?!) 
I wanted to keep it on the earthy side...hmmm... wooden mushrooms do the trick- don't you think?
Bar carts are not just for decanters and pretty glassware. Use them as side tables, or filler pieces for those lonely corners. Now rush off to Target and grab this beauty for $129!...-A

Happy Weekend!
Bye, bye birdie,


Lindsey Suggs said...

So perfect! Love it. Good job. ;)

Anonymous said...

I got one last week for $37! Score!!!

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