Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Text Ever...

I am writing this post from Bald head Island. Yes, from a very impromptu vacay. While spending 1 SOLID WEEK with Hooper painting spots, seeing spots, and dreaming about spots we decided the staircase for the Designer Show House was done. Whew... we were pooped! (Can't wait to show you) 

Then.... I get this text:

Can you grab you pose and head to BHI this week?? Hate short
notice but our old house is available through next Thursday and...I forgot. Please grab your munchkins and your sweetheart and go to the Island. Could be super fun, all you need is food- Rest is there!

next text:

Sorry bout the short notice... I'm a fly by the seat of my pants Chicky!(what she didn't realize was I was throwing stuff in bags while still reading the first text!) 

I politely responded:  HELL YEA! Thank you, that would be lovely.

Operation BHI ASAP began!  The timing was perfect as my girls 3 week break had just started (year round school) We seriously threw stuff in bags, hoped the Ferry and here we are...
This is our home away from home... The Hammocks. We have a golf cart and of course bikes...

While on the Island I just happened upon... (Well I acted like I had never seen this great little design store before for the benefit of my 3 groaning girls- I have been known to get lost in these places) Anyway, after some agreed upon terms I went in Room Service...
And got some inspiration for Molly and Addie's room...

Most of the art is local... love this and the sofa, pillows, ottoman, rug... well everything really...

Every girl needs a souvenir and at this point I have enough airbrushed t- shirts... One of these little bags will do! LOOOVE!!!
 I also loved the bright enameled salt and peppers.. all lined up they look like a little army. Wouldn't these make great gifts? (6th from the left please)
The place was full of great finds... I think Birds of a Feather Design needs a vacay home over here! Like a corporate retreat for um er... us!
Love me some art and these oil marsh scenes are fab!!!
These lamps... swoon... I nearly fainted... Are they not amazing!?! I wonder if Jeff would notice these in my bag on the ferry ride home? ... hmmm... 
Our agreed upon terms were up and it was time to leave the fab store... sob, sob. After explaining what a pay phone was and why the ear piece was attached to the base, Lindley decided to call for help. It was time to get back on the bikes!

So far this has been the best Girls trip ever...Last night we took the golf cart out for an after dinner cruise around the Island.   We were snuggled under blankets singing the soundtrack to Frozen. (to all the carts that passed us... you are welcome.) Last night all 4 of us slept in one bed. And even though I can't turn my head to the left this morning and I have a sharp pain in one of my ribs, it was worth it. I know my cool days are numbered but as of today I am the best Mommy ever. 

Jeff and Jackson are joining us Tuesday for the rest of vacay. Though that will be fun too, I can assure there will not be sing-a-longs in the golf cart.

Thank you to my sweet friend that remembered I am a fly by the seat of my pants Chicky as well!...-A

Happy Monday,

Bye, bye Birdie,

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My Interior Life said...

How wonderful!! Looks like a ball. Awesome times with your girlies!

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