Thursday, March 13, 2014

bird gone wild...

Hmmm.... It's been one of those weeks. (and I have been saying this since Monday!) SO... I need your help. I need a get outta the house hobby. Here's the deal, My kids (all 4) play soccer. That's 6 practices a week (Jeff coaches 3 teams so he does take them), 4 games- I'm not bad at math but 2 of them practice twice a week. My husband plays soccer on two different teams. I am glad they are all outside playing soccer ...even Jeff. My hubby looks good and I am thankful he has a sport he can still play that keeps him fit. I, however,  Do. Not. Play. Soccer. But I need something ...  

I need 1 practice a week for an hour. And I need a 2 hour game on the weekends. So I need 3 hours to myself! But here's the kicker- I don't need a sport. I don't really like to sweat. What can I do???

I'm not even sure I need to interact with other people.  I'm also pretty sure I do not need to be counted on. I need the freedom to blow off my hobby  if I feel like it. 

In summary... tennis is out, art classes are out, yoga...noga. All I can come up with is reading (solo at the library) or bird watching. I'm not sure my ADD self would excel at either. 

What's a girl to do? Any suggestions? And Jeff, please do not call me later with a suggestion. I can just hear ya now.. "Oh, I know something you can do twice a week"... CLEANING -( get your mind out of the gutter!)

Or if my people all left at the same time I could do something solo at my house... like say finish one of the million DIY projects sitting in my garage. 

Ah ha... I could take up gardening.... (Molly "helped" her Uncle John til our garden on Sunday) But... That would require a green thumb...hmmm...
Any suggestions? ...-A

Bye, bye birdie,

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