Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Designer Showhouse - THIS WEEKEND!

Don't Forget! You MUST come to the Designer Showhouse this weekend! The Preview Party is this Friday and it is going to be blast! It's from 7-10 at 1909 Gillette Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403
The rooms are stunning and we can't wait for you to see our foyer! We are so thrilled with the way it turned out. You can buy tickets at for the Preview Party as well as tickets to the daily showings. It runs May 2-18.
You don't want to miss this! Did I mention, the items are for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Arts Council of Wilmington? And by "items", I mean the most beautiful furniture, accessories, lighting and textiles you have ever seen....

Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun and Done!

I... I will survive...

One event down... One to go! Yes, this past weekend was the Habitat for Humanity Restore Restyle. While it was a ton of hard work we loved every minute of it! And yes everything came from Habitat -most things just didn't look like what you see in the pic when we got it! We didn't win (booo) but we were so proud of our space and wouldn't of changed a thing! (I know that's what losers say but we mean it!)
At 9 a.m. Friday morning this is what was happening... Our stuff everywhere! And not put together at all. By 2 p.m. our room was done! Woohoo!
Some of our favorite elements were....
The Campaign cabinet. It used to have a middle with doors but Sound side Carpentry cut it out and added tapered legs so that it was desk/ vanity height. We painted it a pale grey blue and dressed it up with the faux bamboo mirror. (We bought back the mirror because we loved it so much and it is now available at THE COOP!) 
What do you do with a bad 1980's breakfast room fixture? Take it apart (OF COURSE!) , add a gold peacock and call it a terrarium!
Fret work panels turned this beauty into a glam cabinet! This was our most talked about piece!
Botanicals filled these 4 gold frames. We popped them out and framed a Nina Campbell wallpaper sample. The colors and vibe were dead on for our space!

 And some of our favorite spaces were.... 

Rojo pulled this cool mod space off with little changes made to what they found. We loved the black walls. (Cue music... I see a red door and I want to paint it black...) The sofa was in insane in the membrane condition... pure vintage goodness!

 Luxe Interiors had a very pretty collected space. We loved the chandelier and painted chest...

Jenny Wright for McKenzie Baker Interiors wowed us with this bright workspace. We loved the bold color, pattern and of course wanted to take the chrome shelf to THE COOP!

 Mary Jo Shipman's  room looked like a million bucks! Her headboard is a window. They painted the frame and mercury glassed the plain glass (who knew!?!?) Her side tables were stunning and the monochromatic palate looked very high end. (2nd place winner!!!!)
 As far as creativity goes the next 2 spaces blew us away! Big Sky design pulled off this colorful, fun retro room. YESSSS PLEASE!!!! There were so many surprises within the space we just could not stop looking or complimenting their room. (3rd place winner!!!)

 And unfortunately the next room was not allowed to place because they are students, not designers (yet). The Cape Fear Community Collage senior class rocked it out with this garden room. They did not miss a detail and could have easily placed if not won the whole thing! They did get an honorable mention for their creativity! 
 I could add  more but these were a sample of our faves! We were truly blown away with what people came up with! 

and the 1st place Habitat winner was...Drumroll...
Julie for Custom Furniture Galleries pulled this space off with a very eclectic mix of things from Habitat.We loved the dark wood chest in perfect condition. Good find! 

Huge shout out to the amazing coordinators of this event. Habitat for Humanity did a great job and put on a fun event!
We hope this becomes a yearly gig! We loved being a part of it. (Now we are off to finish DSH -no rest for the weary!)

Happy Monday!

Bye, bye Birdie,

Thursday, April 24, 2014

This is Happening...

We have been spinning... Between Habitat and the Designer Show House, we are not sure which way we are going. We have been doing things like pouring OJ on our kid's cereal instead of milk. I enter a fog about 3 o'clock and mumble yes to whatever my kids ask. I am pretty sure I gave my 13 year old permission to get a tattoo. Luckily I caught that one!  

But half of our craziness comes to an end Friday night. WooHoo! We are so excited to be a part of the Habitat Restyle! 
We have been painting, and transforming everything! Remember the 80's cabinet we found? By attaching a few wooden panels and lacquering the piece we gave this cast away a glam makeover!
Swoon... We found these Henredon beauties during the Habitat commercial shoot. See here
Unfortunately they were a little beat up as is....
But look at them now!
Gorgeous fabric and nail heads turned this faux bamboo coffee table into this stunning ottoman.
This stool got a makeover and might need to come home with me! Yes, that's right- Everything will be for sale and the sale starts at 6:00 p.m. Friday night.  
There is a lot more available in our "room" and all the other designer spaces as well.
So... grab your hubby or best bud and come see us tomorrow night! Contact us if you want to buy a ticket! We can't wait to see all the other spaces ourselves! You can also visit us 
Saturday from 10-5. 

Bye, bye birdie,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring - Break?

No one told me about jet lag. really. I thought I may be a little off, tired, etc. I didn't think my system would shut down, I would be in some kind of time warp and take my kids to school today only to find out that it is still a holiday. Yes. I 'm that mom. They are thrilled. I. could. cry. Happy Easter Monday. 
We just returned from truly one of the best trips of my life. Read was dragging his feet saying things like: Sounds like a lot of work. Are we SURE we want to do this? ... To prove him wrong, I had to make it extraordinary. So today, I am giving myself the award for the best trip planner. Forget the fact that my body still thinks I am in California. 
We left Friday for San Fran. The plane itself was a blast (for the kids). I honestly think we could have taken them to the airport just to let them ride the escalator and terminal trains and called it a day. Our plan/itinerary:
San Fran: Alcatraz, Ghirardelli square, Fisherman's Wharf
Carmel: 17 mile drive, Carmel Valley Ranch
Drive the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles (seriously saw whales and seals)
LA: Universal Studios, Hollywood, Beverly Hills
San Diego: Legoland and Zoo
Our first stop was the Golden Gate. The kids loved seeing the place where Full House was filmed. Seriously? 
The painted ladies were way cool.
Ghirardelli Square was a big hit. We are still trying to teach her how to share. 
 Once Read got a look a Pebble Beach, he was happy and thought this was the best idea for a trip that HE ever came up with. Our drive to Carmel was stunning. I have deemed Carmel the cutest most perfect town in the WORLD. It is also the most expensive. 

We had a blast at the Carmel Valley Ranch -- I would highly recommend it - very kid friendly too! Kids had s'mores each night by the outdoor fire pits and mama had wine from vineyard. 
Next, we hit the road for a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway... stay tuned and Happy Monday -- especially to those who are back in school. I'm off to tend to my jet laggggg.....

bye bye birdie.... -H

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bring your Peeps....

What a week... Round here the wallpaper went up in the Designer Show House, I can add building scaffolding to my reseme', and everything is on it's way to done for the Habitat Upscale Resale event! 

 We scored a ginormous (is that a word?) canvas from habitat and I painted it to go in the Habitat for Humanity space...

Remember, EVERYTHING will be for sale at the event! 

But as for today... I will be painting at the Coop so... OUR DOORS ARE OPEN. 

Bring your
and come see me from 10:00- 1:00! I will be the sleep deprived looking chick slinging paint professionally 
painting a desk at...

Hope you can swing on by! ...-A

Hoppy Friday
(see what I did there)

bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Upscale Resale... Habitat for Humanity!

You may recall that we made a commercial for the Habitat for Humanity Restore. (insert commercial where we look like the biggest losers)... Just kidding. Not showing it to you.... 

We are participating in the Designer Challenge. 
Things you must know:

1. We got EVERYTHING at the Wilmington Habitat Restore. You won't believe what we found.
2. We have tricked it out and our stuff looks like a million bucks.
3. Mark your calendars for April 25-26. 
4. Everything is FOR SALE and all proceeds go to Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity. 

Be sure to check out what we do with our 10X10 space. 
There are so many talented designers and we can't wait to see all of their finds and creativity at work. You will FLIP when you see what you can do with very little money. Habitat is wayyyy more upscale than you realized. 
See you there! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mark Your Calendars! Designer Show House...

We want to begin this post by saying our deepest sympathies go out to the  Newsome Family here in Wilmington. On Friday, sixth grader Alex Newsome was hit in the head with a baseball during practice. Alex's injuries were severe and he passed away Friday night. This is one of those we can't understand tragedies and our community is still in shock from the news. Hug your loved ones and keep The Newsomes, Alex's coaches, teammates, classmates and friends in your prayers.

 The Arts Council of Wilmington invites you to visit our first Designer Show house, May 2-18, 2014.  Some of the area’s finest designers are dramatically transforming interior and exterior spaces of 1909 Gillette Drive, a stately Georgian-styled home overlooking the Cape Fear Country Club Golf Course. There will be a private Preview Party on Friday, May 2, 7 to 10 pm.  For tickets to the Designer Show house and/or the Preview Party as well as more information on the event, please visit
We are decorating the entry to Designer Show house! Included in
 our space is a custom Chinoiserie wallpaper that we designed (donated by Port City Signs and Graphics), a gorgeous Oriental rug from the Gallery of Oriental Rugs, a fretwork lacquered console, a coral Hollywood Regency chandelier and many other stunning pieces. Oh yeah, and in case you missed it and forgot to visit us while we were in the looney bin, a hand-painted leopard runner. Painted by, yours truly. Like us on Facebook for sneak peeks of our space. 

 Did we mention that many of the items in the show house will be FOR SALE? A portion of the proceeds go to the Arts Council of Wilmington. You don't want to miss it so MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

See you today...

Our doors are open at ...
The Coop
1930 Oleander Drive
(the big red barn)

See you then!
bye, bye birdie,

Friday, April 11, 2014

Just for you...

Because you asked...
The Coop will be open THIS SATURDAY (that's tomorrow)
from 12-3!!
So.... go to the Azalea Fest Parade, eat a funnel cake and think of moi, drop kids and hubbies off at home, and.... Come hang at The Coop! 

Besides, Saturday is as good a day as any to redo your dining room with this stunner chrome bamboo dining table and chairs...

 I spy with my little eye some new FAB pink chairs... and what are those in the background??? Yes, freshly lacquered matching shelves in white and coral... swoon!

Who needs a console? We have a few great ones... but we are loving this chinoiserie vibe console in cream... check out the detail...
 You might not be able to see it but yes, that is a vintage Lucite skyscraper table- who needs it? And check out the brass coffee table as well... LOVING THEM BOTH!

 Come see us Saturday from 12-3! 
The Coop 
1930 Oleander Drive
(the big red barn)

Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guest House Makeover at Bald Head!

Don't forget that The Coop is open TODAY (Wednesday, April 9)! Stop by for a glass of wine for Hen Night In from 5-8pm. 
1930 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 

I just recently finished a "crofter" at Bald Head Island. It's a guest house with three bedrooms and 2 baths. The client wanted comfortable and coastal, but most importantly, something that would wear well with lots of guests and family visiting. Just in time for Spring, Ann and I went to Bald Head for the installation (ok, so it was rainy and cold, but still a great trip). 
Just two days after Jim's wedding, I could hardly wait to go back. I was so excited to be going back to Bald Head for work -- seriously? It doesn't get better than that!  
Check out this transformed space....
The inspiration for this room was the ombre Capel rug. The client's daughter gave her killer Turtle art by Elizabeth Singletary as a gift, so I wanted to pull in some green. The chair swivels for TV viewing on the opposite wall. The two garden stools function as small ottomans or a table for a cocktail -- perhaps with an umbrella. Best. Vacation. Spot. (in the World)...  
The sconces are from Pottery Barn, however, the client's friend added ancient live oak paneling from a Bald Head tree. 
 It was a great design solution that incorporated a piece of history from the island as well as a a budget friendly way to create some cool, unique lighting. 
 The house has blue Corian tops in the kitchen. The tops date the kitchen a little, but it was too costly to rip out the tops and bring in new ones. We added a glass tile that incorporated the blue from the top and the brown tones of the cabinet.
The master bedroom got a makeover in turquoise and orange. The custom bedding was the jumping off point and the colors pop against the white walls and trim. The lacquered bedside tables were the client's mothers. She teared up when she saw them come off the truck. It is always so great when sentimental pieces can be incorporated. 
 A large chair and ottoman (slipcovered) create a cozy reading nook. The seaglass floor lamp is a HomeGoods find. 
With lots of guest, the bedrooms serve as overflow from the main house. 
The grandchildren have their own space in this bunk room with a nautical vibe. Antique sailing art grace the walls and an Overstock rope rug makes a statement against simple quilts. 
The last room is cherry and bright with pops of yellow and gray. The family antique bed is the perfect backdrop. The "crofter" is comfy and ready for a summer full of family and friends! 
Don't forget to stop by the Coop for a glass of wine and great finds! 
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