Monday, April 28, 2014

Fun and Done!

I... I will survive...

One event down... One to go! Yes, this past weekend was the Habitat for Humanity Restore Restyle. While it was a ton of hard work we loved every minute of it! And yes everything came from Habitat -most things just didn't look like what you see in the pic when we got it! We didn't win (booo) but we were so proud of our space and wouldn't of changed a thing! (I know that's what losers say but we mean it!)
At 9 a.m. Friday morning this is what was happening... Our stuff everywhere! And not put together at all. By 2 p.m. our room was done! Woohoo!
Some of our favorite elements were....
The Campaign cabinet. It used to have a middle with doors but Sound side Carpentry cut it out and added tapered legs so that it was desk/ vanity height. We painted it a pale grey blue and dressed it up with the faux bamboo mirror. (We bought back the mirror because we loved it so much and it is now available at THE COOP!) 
What do you do with a bad 1980's breakfast room fixture? Take it apart (OF COURSE!) , add a gold peacock and call it a terrarium!
Fret work panels turned this beauty into a glam cabinet! This was our most talked about piece!
Botanicals filled these 4 gold frames. We popped them out and framed a Nina Campbell wallpaper sample. The colors and vibe were dead on for our space!

 And some of our favorite spaces were.... 

Rojo pulled this cool mod space off with little changes made to what they found. We loved the black walls. (Cue music... I see a red door and I want to paint it black...) The sofa was in insane in the membrane condition... pure vintage goodness!

 Luxe Interiors had a very pretty collected space. We loved the chandelier and painted chest...

Jenny Wright for McKenzie Baker Interiors wowed us with this bright workspace. We loved the bold color, pattern and of course wanted to take the chrome shelf to THE COOP!

 Mary Jo Shipman's  room looked like a million bucks! Her headboard is a window. They painted the frame and mercury glassed the plain glass (who knew!?!?) Her side tables were stunning and the monochromatic palate looked very high end. (2nd place winner!!!!)
 As far as creativity goes the next 2 spaces blew us away! Big Sky design pulled off this colorful, fun retro room. YESSSS PLEASE!!!! There were so many surprises within the space we just could not stop looking or complimenting their room. (3rd place winner!!!)

 And unfortunately the next room was not allowed to place because they are students, not designers (yet). The Cape Fear Community Collage senior class rocked it out with this garden room. They did not miss a detail and could have easily placed if not won the whole thing! They did get an honorable mention for their creativity! 
 I could add  more but these were a sample of our faves! We were truly blown away with what people came up with! 

and the 1st place Habitat winner was...Drumroll...
Julie for Custom Furniture Galleries pulled this space off with a very eclectic mix of things from Habitat.We loved the dark wood chest in perfect condition. Good find! 

Huge shout out to the amazing coordinators of this event. Habitat for Humanity did a great job and put on a fun event!
We hope this becomes a yearly gig! We loved being a part of it. (Now we are off to finish DSH -no rest for the weary!)

Happy Monday!

Bye, bye Birdie,


Nancy said...

to quote the song from the lego movie "everything is awesome!" in this post. cant even pick a favorite.

bluehydrangea said...

You were robbed!!

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