Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring - Break?

No one told me about jet lag. really. I thought I may be a little off, tired, etc. I didn't think my system would shut down, I would be in some kind of time warp and take my kids to school today only to find out that it is still a holiday. Yes. I 'm that mom. They are thrilled. I. could. cry. Happy Easter Monday. 
We just returned from truly one of the best trips of my life. Read was dragging his feet saying things like: Sounds like a lot of work. Are we SURE we want to do this? ... To prove him wrong, I had to make it extraordinary. So today, I am giving myself the award for the best trip planner. Forget the fact that my body still thinks I am in California. 
We left Friday for San Fran. The plane itself was a blast (for the kids). I honestly think we could have taken them to the airport just to let them ride the escalator and terminal trains and called it a day. Our plan/itinerary:
San Fran: Alcatraz, Ghirardelli square, Fisherman's Wharf
Carmel: 17 mile drive, Carmel Valley Ranch
Drive the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles (seriously saw whales and seals)
LA: Universal Studios, Hollywood, Beverly Hills
San Diego: Legoland and Zoo
Our first stop was the Golden Gate. The kids loved seeing the place where Full House was filmed. Seriously? 
The painted ladies were way cool.
Ghirardelli Square was a big hit. We are still trying to teach her how to share. 
 Once Read got a look a Pebble Beach, he was happy and thought this was the best idea for a trip that HE ever came up with. Our drive to Carmel was stunning. I have deemed Carmel the cutest most perfect town in the WORLD. It is also the most expensive. 

We had a blast at the Carmel Valley Ranch -- I would highly recommend it - very kid friendly too! Kids had s'mores each night by the outdoor fire pits and mama had wine from vineyard. 
Next, we hit the road for a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway... stay tuned and Happy Monday -- especially to those who are back in school. I'm off to tend to my jet laggggg.....

bye bye birdie.... -H

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Katy Byrne said...

SO fun! I love San Fran. Someone still needs to teach me to share too!

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