Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Porch please...

Would it be weird to clean my house with a leaf blower? I'm really not kidding... The inside of my house is shrinking and the piles are multiplying like Gremlins. Good news- the weather is AMAZING and I don't have to be inside. Yes please sunshine! I really love leaving my messy house and spending the whole day outside. I have a great porch that could be an extension of the inside. Well, great is a strong word... let's just say it has a lot of  potential. Right now my front porch rivals Fred Sanford's. (cue music) I am just waiting for someone to stop by on a Saturday and think I am having a yard sale.

Let's talk about the potential. If I could I would start from scratch and go a little nuts. 

outdoor space

Hmmm... can you tell I'm craving a little color in my life? So what do yall think? Who else loves art outside? I also love a mirror on a porch- it reflects the surroundings! If you are looking for outdoor stuff, check out World Market. They do not dissappoint! 

Here is one of my favorite porches...
I painted the porch floor in a dark grey and cream. See more here. I want to paint a pattern on my concrete. hmmm... wonder if that would work.

Anyone else avoiding inside at all cost? Today the high is 88 in sunny Wilmington. Enjoy! -A
bye, bye birdie,

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sunny Sun Room!

A client who is not afraid of color, asked me to decorate her sunroom. It had a Pottery Barn look before with soft neutrals and few pops of color. The room has tons of natural light and she wanted a place where her family could hang out and relax. I went for light and airy, but this space is grounded by a flat weave that served as the jumping off point. 
The lucite coffee table is from The Coop and the sectional is slip covered in the most beautiful textured fabric. 

 The client found the occasional chair in Raleigh. I had it lacquered white and reupholstered in a punchy fabric. 

The space is fun, inviting and now flows with the rest of her bright cheery home.

Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend! 
In honor of the men and women that served our country and continue to do so every day!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh Dear

I am working on a room in my house and have been scouring CraigsList for good deals and steals. Well, let's suffice it to say that I found one. I found this table for $40 on CraigsList.  Drove out to Carolina Beach park, met a nice lady who was getting rid of it because her boys were "bound to break the glass" and it was her grandfather's, but it was "time to part with it." Anyhooo - the grandfather comment should have been my first clue. 
Jump ahead a week and two cans of spray paint later and this coffee table is enjoying a spot in my office.

Yes, I'll admit it looks pretty fab. What is the problem, you ask? Well... I decided to check first dibs because I had a hunch this could be a Baker piece. 
Oh dear....
Check out the listing here.
It is for sale for $3300. Yes, only $3260 more than I paid for mine. Did I mention I spray painted it? It did not have the "tortoise" finish the Baker table claims to have in the listing and I did do a little research before I painted it, just to be sure. I just didn't check 1st Dibs,  until it was too late. 

So, I can look at it two ways:
1. I saved a TON of money.
2. I spray painted a very important piece of furniture. 

Needless to say, my table is beautiful and something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. 
Take that 1st Dibs seller...
bye bye birdie...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beach House Reno! Before and After

 A dear friend approached me several months ago and asked me to look at a beach house to see if it had potential. The answer is always "YES!". We lightened everything up -- including the floors which were refinished to their natural state, new paint a new front door to let the light in and lots of new furnishings and accessories to turn this hidden gem into.....
A beach retreat! Vintage McGuire chairs were lacquered and the cushions were upholstered in Cotton and Quill fabrics. 

Sofas were slip covered in white cotton in the living room and accented with pops of emerald and blue...
The "Grasshopper" lacquered table adds a bright punch to the natural texture of sisal.
The den was drab and dingy BEFORE:
I convinced the home owner to keep the sofas and slip cover in washable linen.  The den and the living room open into one another, so I wanted them to flow.
An upholstered coffee table with a glass top is a fun twist on a traditional coffee table. The master BEFORE was boring and a little too simple...
With refinished floors, new paint and beautiful new custom drapes, this room came alive.

Remember this cabinet? It used to be black lacquer. I had it painted "Gray Matters" and it doubles as a TV console and dresser (TV is on it's way)....
 The room opens up to a glass sun porch. 
The dark tile and old furnishings were traded for a rattan sofa with new linen upholstery and brightened up with pops of color. 
The chairs are indoor-outdoor from World Market and will hold up to fading and sun in this bright spot. 
My trusting client let me make selections and allowed me do the installation this week so I could surprise her when she arrived yesterday to see her new cottage for the first time. She loves it can't wait to bring her family down for lots of Summer visits. Summer time is calling....
bye bye birdie...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Your plans for the weekend...

We are not sure what you are doing for the weekend 
(rain rain go away) but we know what you should be doing...
1. If you haven't seen the Designer Show house... GO! This is the last weekend the house is open. It was a fun experience for us to be a part of and so inspiring. If you do go, check out our Foyer. Also be sure to see the Dining Room by HGTV Design Star Meg Caswell. Her lamps are swoon worthy! And don't miss Classic Designs WAAAAAY COOOOL den. The list goes on... You just need to go.

Oh and when I was there today replacing dead flowers....
The Catch food truck was in the driveway! YUM! Yes, I treated my self to a lemongrass pork taco! 

The next plan for your weekend is...
2. COME TO THE COOP for our Derby Do-Over party! Yes, come hang with Hooper, Jess James (style girl) and me tonight from 5-8! We will have mint juleps, wine, plus as always cool vintage finds. 

Start thinking about where these beauties can go in your house...

bar ware... 
We have a pair of these! LOVE!!!

See ya tonight!

The Coop
1930 Oleander Drive
5-8 p.m.

Bye, bye birdie, 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Special Nursery Complete and a Coop Event

In light of Ann's recent Mother's Day post, I wanted to share a very special nursery that we recently completed for my childhood friend. She and her husband, after a very long journey, recently welcomed the cutest blessing into this world - a little baby boy! They are overjoyed and the best parents. She was made to be a mom and it is wonderful to see her so happy. Ann painted some "happy trees" on the nursery walls. The couple wanted a modern twist so that is exactly what they got! 

 Pops of aqua and yellow make for a sweet nursery, but also a room that a little boy can grow into. 
If you look closely, the glider fabric is woven into the alphabet! I love the elephant side table (via Ebay).
I couldn't have said it better myself.... 

Don't forget! This Friday at The Coop (1930 Oleander Drive)
5-8 Derby Do-Over
Join us for Mint Juleps and Shopping! Lots of items on sale .... plus, Jess James will be there with her wayyyy cool vintage clothing!
Don't miss it!  

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's the little things (& a bash at THE COOP!)

We try to keep it simple round here... To be honest, with 4 kids money plays a big role in that decision.   Three of the 4 are girls... hello?? They might want to have weddings one day. Though we have been pushing elopement since the 2nd girl was born. (don't tell the grandparents!) And... have you ever done the math on sending 4 kids to college? (I strongly recommend not too... Ignorance is bliss)  But more then all that -I get so freaked out by my generation's need for instant gratification (myself included) that I fear my kids will never know anything different.

So as much as I love a good gift (unwrapping diamond earrings from the hubby at Christmas blew my mind), we have encouraged and practice simple gift giving. Mother's Day is no exception.

Sunday morning I woke up to this: 
They know me so well... Cookie Cake (one of the top 10 greatest inventions...), Swedish Fish (found on the same list), flowers, and a glue stick. 
A Glue stick? hmmm.... I may or may not of had a freak out "no one appreciates me, I just bought 50 glue sticks and can't find 1, being a mom is the hardest job ever, and I cater to you people" moment not to long ago when I was trying to help Addie with her art project. This was after I glued the whole project together with sunscreen.  FYI: Coppertone faces sunscreen for kids is the exact shape and size as a glue stick. Another FYI: Coppertone faces for kids does not work as an adhesive. Needless to say I went on a glue stick rampage and had to reprint and re glue the project for Addie. 

Despite all that... They still love me.
 Molly has declared in writing that she will love me more then anyone on Earth forever. You can understand why this is an important piece of evidence to keep. I am pretty sure in 4 years when Molly is 13 her tune may change from time to time. Just want to keep this one on record.

If you haven't seen this yet- It is a must watch nod to Moms:

 On another note, We have walked with friends and family experiencing infertility, loss and uncertainty about when or if they will become a Mother. On a personal note, having miscarried  myself, I know this can be a hard day. There were times I had to cling to hope. Four vibrant, healthy children later Jeremiah 29:11 came to life for me. -Ann

We hope Mother's Day was full of joy for Mom's and full of hope for Mom's to be.

And on one more note...
We are partnering with the way cool Jess James Stylegirl and having a COOP event this Friday! Jess will be there with some of her fab vintage clothing finds and of course The Coop is full of furniture and accessories for you!  Grab your friends and come on over for a...

Friday, May 16th
5-8 p.m.

join us for shopping, mint juleps, vintage clothing, mint juleps, and an all around fun HEN NIGHT IN!!!!

See ya at THE COOP!

Happy Day,
Bye, bye birdie,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Loving Laundry

Ok, so I don't know anyone that REALLY loves to do laundry, however, having a functional, even beautiful space can make even the most menial tasks enjoyable. Recently, a client approached me to make over her laundry room. She wanted a space for everything -- storage galore! She also wanted to create a mud room out of a dark dingy catch-all of a space. So that's just what I did....
 We ditched the old tile for a "hardwood" look -- we kept it tile so that kids coming in from the backyard pool would have place to drop wet bathing suits. 
 Brandon Parrow created these amazing custom cabinets equipped with hidden broom and vacuum storage as well as a dog food (see kick plate) drawer. 
 The carrera marble top adds an old-fashioned touch and created a folding surface. 
 Vintage looking glass knobs finish off the cabinets and the fun wallpaper by Amy Butler (via Graham and Brown) adds a whimsical pop of color throughout the space. 
And now for more function... two kids, two drawers for storage and tons of hooks for bags, totes and pool towels. Oh, how I love a good laundry room. I may have even done a little laundry for the client while I was prepping for photos. Yes, it was THAT inspiring... 
bye bye birdie...
Thanks BJB Photography for the fabulous images! 
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