Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Porch please...

Would it be weird to clean my house with a leaf blower? I'm really not kidding... The inside of my house is shrinking and the piles are multiplying like Gremlins. Good news- the weather is AMAZING and I don't have to be inside. Yes please sunshine! I really love leaving my messy house and spending the whole day outside. I have a great porch that could be an extension of the inside. Well, great is a strong word... let's just say it has a lot of  potential. Right now my front porch rivals Fred Sanford's. (cue music) I am just waiting for someone to stop by on a Saturday and think I am having a yard sale.

Let's talk about the potential. If I could I would start from scratch and go a little nuts. 

outdoor space

Hmmm... can you tell I'm craving a little color in my life? So what do yall think? Who else loves art outside? I also love a mirror on a porch- it reflects the surroundings! If you are looking for outdoor stuff, check out World Market. They do not dissappoint! 

Here is one of my favorite porches...
I painted the porch floor in a dark grey and cream. See more here. I want to paint a pattern on my concrete. hmmm... wonder if that would work.

Anyone else avoiding inside at all cost? Today the high is 88 in sunny Wilmington. Enjoy! -A
bye, bye birdie,

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Unknown said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this information.I like your painted the porch floor in a dark grey and cream.

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