Monday, June 30, 2014

Road Trippin'

I took all three kids (sans hubby) to the mountains last week to visit a dear friend/client. You may remember her fab mountain house.... when it was featured in HGTV mag. Ann and I wrapped up this project a couple of years ago and I have been visiting this amazing space ever since. My kids love Cashiers and we had an absolute BLAST. 
All was well, until I had to drive my three home for six eight hours. About 2 hours in, we ran out of battery on all electronics (mama forgot to charge them the night before), Graham felt carsick, the DVD player broke and my kids, exhausted from a week of fun, started fighting. Oh yeah, and it started raining. Hard. A migraine set in... you can imagine the rest. Flanner suggested we get an RV for the next trip. Not happening, but it did get me thinking. When I was little, we had a camper. I must have been very little because there were six of us and I don't know how 6 full size people could fit in a camper. Plus, I don't camp. Ever. That being said, I do think I could manage a stay in some of these beauties...
 suffice it to say that our "camper" was circa 1980. Complete with brown and tan decor and looked NOTHING like this. Whole.New.Ballgame. 
I mean....seriously?
Sign me up! We made it home safely and the next time, I take a very long road trip alone with three kids, we may be doing things differently. Hope your summer is chocked full of adventure... bye bye birdie...-H

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summa time...

So far my summer has been simple... parents pool, beach, neighbors pool, beach, Station one pool, beach.... you see the pattern? I am on vacation- like checked out, no plans vacation. And... I will be this way until July 10th. That's right... I am not thinking , working, or cooking until then. That's a slight exaggeration... I made a kick a** PB&J yesterday. 

Anyhoo... my Sis, nieces and nephew are here from Chicago and we have been well, see below...

They are staying at my house while we stay at Station One...(view for the week...YES!)
Pool? beach? pool? beach? How can a girl decide???? 

 We can even walk across the street and fish.... This makes my almost 14 year old very happy!
 And what's a vacay at Wrightsville Beach with out a little Vito's Pizza? The guys working cracked up when we walked in with 11 kids- they thought we were on a field trip... (always....) 
And in other equally important news... when I do start thinking again I am going to find a place for these beauties to live in my house... LOVE! I scored these at Sissy's sale last week. The upholstery is in perfect condition - all they need is a little lacquer and a spot in my living room! 

And Sissy, I know you miss them and almost didn't let them go but you can visit them anytime. (Just bring a bottle of 
wine if you do) 

Now I'm off to the beach , writing this has been way to much physical exertion for vacay...

bye, bye birdie,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Silver lining part 2

A few post ago I told you about my client whose house had caught fire. I had the privilege of helping them with their rebuild. I have to say my favorite part of the house is their new kitchen....

white on white with stainless appliances and GORGEOUS gray granite... yes please! The new kitchen is classic and timeless.
 Below is the kitchen after the fire. Devastating. 
The new kitchen is in the same footprint but reworked by my client to suite their needs. And, yes you are seeing double- double islands that is! I have to admit when my client first suggested this I had to google image search kitchens with 2 islands! But she knew what she wanted and did the layout and cabinet design herself! 
We picked super white granite for a carrera look without carerra upkeep! The veining is mostly creamy gray and swoon worthy! The clients gave me free rein when it came to lighting and were open to all my suggestions (love them!). We found these ceramic pendant lights at market which are perfect in the space! 
Love these bar stools? These were Overstock finds!! 
The criteria for the dining room was a HUGE table for 8-10 (only 2 are shown, but 3-4 chairs fit on each side) They also wanted to keep this room simple. The chandelier is the focal point and all the other pieces are pretty and simple. The white wine cabinet is another market find and the chairs and rug are both from the O! 
Love how the chandelier turned out in the space... it offered the perfect  little pop of color in the linen and white layered room.
The dining, foyer and living room flow nicely, but the fun didn't stop there... My client went on a mission and found this cabinet for the half bath. We topped it with a piece of the granite, vessel sink and a modern faucet. A cool furniture find can easily be turned into a vanity for a focal point in a small space.
The master bath was another favorite room...

His and her vanities flank the pocket door into the space. The vanity shown is hers! We painted the cabinets a taupey gray and used the same granite from the kitchen. I had the mirror framed and built in with the wainscoting so it looked seamless. And thank you client for your trust because I LOVE the overhead sconce! 

This was a fun project and truly a privilege to help a family rebuild after such a devastating event.  


Bye, bye birdie,

Friday, June 20, 2014

Need plans for the day?

Wanna know where I will be today? At my friend Sissy's house from Blue Hydrangea
Sissy has great taste and has decided to empty her attic and open up her house for a sale. you know we stand firm on one man's junk is another man's treasure. My house is full of other peoples junk! Hmmmm.... that sounds nice- right?
pair o lamps anyone? 
 I do love a good trinket...
Come join me- I'll be the girl peering in the window at 8:45. Even better... my sister from Chicago is with me :) .... AND.... Sissy has convinced 2 of her friends to empty their attics as well so potentially lots of good stuff! 

See ya there! 

Friday June 20th
2912 Hydrangea Place
Wilmington NC 28403
9:00 - 2:00 

Bye, bye birdie, 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ahoy There Campers!


My babies twins recently went to their first spend the night camp. I am not a camper (shocker) so I hated  didn't love camp, so to speak.... Don't tell my kids because as far as they know, I lovvvved camp and they should want to go back every summer. 
It was only a week for my little ones, but it felt like a year. Truly. I thought it would be relaxing, fun and a nice break from the daily chaos of twins. Not. So. Much. I missed them so desperately that I spent my days scouring the camp photo site for a glimpse of them. I spotted Flanner's hand (yes, I am sure) of  on a sail boat and I could tell he was having a blast. I checked the mail twice a day  often and got two letters. The first one said:

"Camp is fun."

I know you are waiting for the rest, but that is it. It wasn't even signed. I might as well have gotten smoke signals from cabin 20. 
Second letter:
Yes. Flanner, I am crying. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. We missed them so much that my husband suggested we "get more kids" when they go away to college. Not sure how one does that considering I will be ancient.

On the drive home... I can deduct 2 things:

1. They had a blast. (Just before he conched out, Flanner announced that he could go to camp for two years if he could take Teddy.) 
2. They wore the same clothes for an entire week. 

bye bye birdie -H

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silver Lining....

A little over a year ago I received a call from a family who had just lost all the contents of their house  in a fire. Though the physical house was damaged, it was not a total loss and could be renovated and saved. So, imagine if you had lived in your home and got the opportunity to rebuild your home making all those little changes you wish it had had from the beginning. And that was the silver lining in this devastating experience for the family. 

 A new front door style, paint and lights took the house from traditional low country to more cottage less country. (we ditched anything with curves!) 
Yes, Lowes for lights! Gorgeous and on budget! 
I found this pew on CL and had it repaired and painted. It was the perfect fit in the foyer.
I love the vintage classic quality of the foyer light. It was the perfect touch to a simple space! 

The main living area was a loss after the fire. The clients made changes by adding built ins and horizontal plank wood walls.

 The client wanted to keep everything simple and clean. The details are in the wood walls, and beautiful built ins. They also took the opportunity to change the style and 
size of the french doors. I love the tall 
doors and view outside.

 I kept everything light and airy. We didn't use a lot of pattern but instead more texture . Not a lot is on the walls. The rug has a simple tone on tone pattern and is oh so comfy to the feet and the same color as the dog! Bonus!
 From the beginning the homeowners were insistent on a barn wood mantle from my brother. So thank you Soundside Carpentry for this heart pine beauty! 

This chair received a new cushion, painted legs and a gorgeous pillow to again add texture! It was another CL find but when I contacted the seller, It was Hooper! hahaha! 
art, art, art... with little wall surface for hanging stuff, I decided a house needs art and found gorgeous pieces to tuck in the shelves. Mixing modern with oils adds lots of interest. YES! mix your styles for a layered done over time look! 
The goal was to not make the home look like we bought showroom #4. Although everything in the house is new to the homeowners it looks like the decor was built over time. I searched CL, market and some of our favorites (Overstock and HomeGoods) for lots of different pieces! Lighting was FUN FUN FUN! The homeowners played a huge roll in most selections (they knew what they liked) but let me take the lead on lighting. They are thrilled with the results and enjoying their new old home. Stay tuned for the kitchen.... YOU WILL FLIP! ...-Ann
                 sneak peak...

bye, bye birdie,

Monday, June 9, 2014

Daddy daughter, daughter, daughter dance...

What a weekend... whew! Friday night kicked it off with the 1st annual Daddy Daughter Dance at our church. Or in our case, Daddy daughter, daughter, daughter dance!

The theme was Love you to the moon and back (wipe a sweet!) 

 The girls were over the moon (see what I did there) excited and took a solid week to prep. We went dress shopping, shoe shopping, hair accessories shopping, nail polish shopping etc... you name it- we shopped for it! 
And in the end, they ended up coordinated! 
 Addie (the littlest) was literally about to jump outta her skin- She just couldn't get to the dance fast enough! Jeff told the girls he would take them wherever they wanted for dinner first and they chose this great little local baja mex joint C-Street! Jeff decided he would not wear a suit to C-Street and gladly ditched his jacket. 
Jackson is elated there is no such thing as a mommy son dance. He was quite confused by all the hype and excitement to get dressed up and then dance... quite confused. 

 I helped with the theme and props for the event. We made this huge moon as a photo op for the girls with their Dads.  I was told by Jeff and the girls this was their gig and I could not help the night of the dance. (Sweet and sad all at the same time) So Jackson and I snuck over while they were at dinner and got an awkward photo of our own. 
Yes, I paid my too cool for school teenager to take a picture with me. Don't judge!
 The girls and Jeff apparently danced the entire night and had a blast! We woke up Saturday morning just in time to spend the entire day on the beach while 3 out of the 4 kids participated in the Sandblast tournament. (Soccer on the beach!) 12 games later our weekend is over and I am exhausted! I need another weekend to recoup. It's like needing a vacation after your vacation. 

Hope your weekend was fab and...
Happy Monday! -A

Bye, bye birdie,

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