Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ahoy There Campers!


My babies twins recently went to their first spend the night camp. I am not a camper (shocker) so I hated  didn't love camp, so to speak.... Don't tell my kids because as far as they know, I lovvvved camp and they should want to go back every summer. 
It was only a week for my little ones, but it felt like a year. Truly. I thought it would be relaxing, fun and a nice break from the daily chaos of twins. Not. So. Much. I missed them so desperately that I spent my days scouring the camp photo site for a glimpse of them. I spotted Flanner's hand (yes, I am sure) of  on a sail boat and I could tell he was having a blast. I checked the mail twice a day  often and got two letters. The first one said:

"Camp is fun."

I know you are waiting for the rest, but that is it. It wasn't even signed. I might as well have gotten smoke signals from cabin 20. 
Second letter:
Yes. Flanner, I am crying. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. We missed them so much that my husband suggested we "get more kids" when they go away to college. Not sure how one does that considering I will be ancient.

On the drive home... I can deduct 2 things:

1. They had a blast. (Just before he conched out, Flanner announced that he could go to camp for two years if he could take Teddy.) 
2. They wore the same clothes for an entire week. 

bye bye birdie -H

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