Monday, June 9, 2014

Daddy daughter, daughter, daughter dance...

What a weekend... whew! Friday night kicked it off with the 1st annual Daddy Daughter Dance at our church. Or in our case, Daddy daughter, daughter, daughter dance!

The theme was Love you to the moon and back (wipe a sweet!) 

 The girls were over the moon (see what I did there) excited and took a solid week to prep. We went dress shopping, shoe shopping, hair accessories shopping, nail polish shopping etc... you name it- we shopped for it! 
And in the end, they ended up coordinated! 
 Addie (the littlest) was literally about to jump outta her skin- She just couldn't get to the dance fast enough! Jeff told the girls he would take them wherever they wanted for dinner first and they chose this great little local baja mex joint C-Street! Jeff decided he would not wear a suit to C-Street and gladly ditched his jacket. 
Jackson is elated there is no such thing as a mommy son dance. He was quite confused by all the hype and excitement to get dressed up and then dance... quite confused. 

 I helped with the theme and props for the event. We made this huge moon as a photo op for the girls with their Dads.  I was told by Jeff and the girls this was their gig and I could not help the night of the dance. (Sweet and sad all at the same time) So Jackson and I snuck over while they were at dinner and got an awkward photo of our own. 
Yes, I paid my too cool for school teenager to take a picture with me. Don't judge!
 The girls and Jeff apparently danced the entire night and had a blast! We woke up Saturday morning just in time to spend the entire day on the beach while 3 out of the 4 kids participated in the Sandblast tournament. (Soccer on the beach!) 12 games later our weekend is over and I am exhausted! I need another weekend to recoup. It's like needing a vacation after your vacation. 

Hope your weekend was fab and...
Happy Monday! -A

Bye, bye birdie,


bluehydrangea said...

Too cute!! The girls look adorable and that picture of Jackson sitting on the moon is priceless!!

Jen said...

Hello, I landed on your page through a GOOGLE search for Father Daughter Dance themes. I have my heart set on the "Love you to the Moon and Back" theme. Would you happen to know who designed your artwork for the invite/save the date you have posted. Thanks so much!

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