Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summa time...

So far my summer has been simple... parents pool, beach, neighbors pool, beach, Station one pool, beach.... you see the pattern? I am on vacation- like checked out, no plans vacation. And... I will be this way until July 10th. That's right... I am not thinking , working, or cooking until then. That's a slight exaggeration... I made a kick a** PB&J yesterday. 

Anyhoo... my Sis, nieces and nephew are here from Chicago and we have been well, see below...

They are staying at my house while we stay at Station One...(view for the week...YES!)
Pool? beach? pool? beach? How can a girl decide???? 

 We can even walk across the street and fish.... This makes my almost 14 year old very happy!
 And what's a vacay at Wrightsville Beach with out a little Vito's Pizza? The guys working cracked up when we walked in with 11 kids- they thought we were on a field trip... (always....) 
And in other equally important news... when I do start thinking again I am going to find a place for these beauties to live in my house... LOVE! I scored these at Sissy's sale last week. The upholstery is in perfect condition - all they need is a little lacquer and a spot in my living room! 

And Sissy, I know you miss them and almost didn't let them go but you can visit them anytime. (Just bring a bottle of 
wine if you do) 

Now I'm off to the beach , writing this has been way to much physical exertion for vacay...

bye, bye birdie,

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bluehydrangea said...

Oh god!! The chairs!! Can't wait to see them with a new coat of paint!! And the pics of the kids are too cute!! So grown up. Hope you and your sis had a great week!!

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