Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sick Day... YES!

Sick Day... Addie is home sick today. My 2 youngest are in year round school and started back last week. Yesterday, while running back and forth between meetings, fabric store (good stuff at $7.99 btw) the school called. They have a new school nurse and 5 days into school it was time we met. 

I wish I was warm and fuzzy and a better caregiver when my babies are sick but I'm just not. When the school calls I roll my eyes and try to talk said sick child out of whatever ailment I think they "think" they have. The last school nurse and I talked so much (4 kids in school) that we came to an understanding. Puke or fever was the only criteria for calling. Wow - that sounds bad out loud. 
Anyhoo, Addie came home yesterday and it was legit. FEVER....ughhhh.
(I'll take that over puke any day) 

Ok, ok, I'm not so bad- She was quite pitiful. So what's a good mom to do? Cancel all meetings for 2 days and look forward to hanging with the littlest! 

This was Addie 4 years ago when she was home sick. This is one of my favorite pics ever. I love the dreads ( we still have to brush them out once a week),  her huge smile and barely opened eyes. She is a fun one to hang with and I could use the break! 

Hmmm... what should we do today? my list of DIY's and projects around the house is mind blowing. Don't worry, she'll sleep and I will work and in between we will catch up on Girl Meets World. Did I say break earlier? Yeah... no break. 

Here's the latest... I want to reclaim my master bedroom and today is the perfect day to do it.  Here is what my master bed room looks like in my head: 
My bed is similar - it is a black quilt bed. I have the lamps, bedding, drapes, mirror and art. My walls are a pale blue yet my room doesn't look like this right now. My room looks like a laundry processing center. Wait, my room is the laundry processing center. I always tell clients that their bedroom should be their sanctuary. Hmmm... I missed on that one. Our room is a constant reminder that I am bad at laundry. What I need to finish the space are side tables. (and a pod for clothes- would that be wierd in my driveway? ) I have it narrowed down to 2 options. Normally, I wouldn't do matching tables but our room is so small I think the more cohesive the better. 

So option 1:
This is from Overstock and under $200! Yes! Not sure I want the dark wood- it also comes inblack and white but don't like those as options. This could be pretty as is or I could have it lacquered. Hmmmm...


 Ok, work with me... I know this is an unconventional choice BUT, Lowes carries this great gold spray paint and styled with boxes and books this could be really pretty. I could rattle can it gold and call it a day!  Plus, did I mention how small our room is? This little cart is tall and narrow. Am I crazy? Could I dress it up? Oh AND... It's $40. Yup, $40 bucks!!! 

Plus if I got option 2 I would have enough cashola to score this:

Yes WEST ELM! Way to go WE! - I am loving this and hope to own it soon.

You think about it while I fold laundry, I am ready to order something! .... 

bye, bye birdie,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Perfect Powder Room

I told you I had a fab new powder room to show you.... I just finished this little jewel box of a powder room for a client. She wanted pops of color and it needed to flow off of  this sunroom.
 I found a cabinet that was the perfect height for a sink and had it lacquered in ivory. I added a calacatta gold marble top and a glass vessel sink. 
 The bronze color of the glass vessel glows against the Thibaut "Luzon" wallpaper. 

 The neutral colors of gray, white and cream with a dose of metallic make for the perfect backdrop for this perfect little piece of furniture. 
 The sconces are from One Kings Lane and are lacquered in a beautiful salmon color and add a pop against the neutral palette. 

 You can't see it in the photo (I couldn't get the right angle), but the ceiling is Sherwin Williams "Grasshopper". It is a bright kelly green and adds an unexpected twist to this sweet Chinoiserie powder room. 
bye bye birdie...

Thursday, July 24, 2014


You have heard us talk about cute Jen and Hal from Remnant . They are our super talented friends that make the beautiful leather goods. We have also shared their adoption journey with you and encouraged you to support them through the KIN campaign. Well, we have more good news about the cutest family of 3....

They were featured in this month's Focus on the Coast Magazine as local designers to watch! 
 Love this bag! Swoon... big ole leather pocket and it's the size of my firstborn?!?! Yes, please!
 Told you they were cute! 

  I am diggin the little drawstring bags. The all leather one is calling me....

But my fave is.... drum roll.... (my birthday is in October)....
What a great clutch! Perfect for moi! Oh and I'll take the jacket too...

 And Remnant does not discriminate, there are a few things for the cool man in your life...
 leather lanyards! But yes, your man must be cool to attach one of these bad boys to his belt loop. Won't work on pleated khakis... It just won't...

So visit our dear friends here.

And read about KIN campaign here. 

Congrats Jen, Hal and Ruthie! 
Happy Thursday, 
Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Palm Beach Pretty

Palm Beach Style...Does it ever get old? Not to me. I think I must have lived in this era in a former life and spent my days sunning it up in Palm Beach in a Lily Pulitzer one piece and a giant sunhat... swoon worthy. Yes, this is Hooper (clearly). 
Have you noticed a common theme? I HEART WALLPAPER. 
There is so much to say about this room. One of my favorite aspects (apart from the wallpaper) is that the tiny window of this condo appears to be huge - thanks to the draperies. 

I love the bright grassy greens in these wallpapers. The pattern on the walls allow the rest of the spaces to be clean and simple. 
Stay tuned for pics of a powder room reveal that is Palm Beach worthy...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grove Park Inspired Master Bath Reno

I have been working with a client on a master bath reno. "Reno" may be a little bit of an understatement. Let's suffice it to say that her bathroom had burgundy and navy wallpaper with cherubs. You heard me. Cherubs- As in naked baby angels.

 Circa... I'm not sure because I blocked it out. Anyhoo... the client wanted it to remind her of her happy place. The Grove Park Inn Spa. I had never had a request like this but was up for the challenge.
Now, I am a spa person (shocker). I have actually been to the Grove Park Inn Spa. Read took me for a surprise trip on our first wedding anniversary. While that was 13 years ago, it is stunning and truly the best spa I have EVER been to. The client wanted it to be dark and rich -not airy and coastal much like the bathrooms I am used to getting requests for. I wanted it to flow with the rest of her house and work with her current decor so we couldn't go all-out mountain....Take a peek at how it turned out! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We are LIVE! It's official, Birds of A Feather Design is on one of our FAVE shopping flash sale sites. Check us out today! Lot's of fun finds from the Coop and MORE TO COME! 
Stay tuned and visit www.onekingslane.com

Friday, July 11, 2014

Live on One Kings Lane- THE COOP!

Our big announcement.... (I eluded to it in the last post- catch up!) 


We are going to be in One Kings Lane! Well, not us but some of our cool finds are going to be for sale in the One Kings Lane "Vintage and Market Finds" flash sale! Here's a sneak peek...
 Asian-Inspired Cabinet
Milo Baughman-Style   Chairs, Pair

Woohoo! Our hunting and gathering has paid off! And you know we heart OKL! We can't wait to see our precious finds on the world wide web! Our sale starts Sunday July 13th and runs 5 days.  We will be adding to the sale along the way so be sure to check it out everyday! 
Faux-Bamboo Secretary/Bar
Want to know what's on there? You will have to go to the site here and look for us under vintage. (er..um... I mean our stuff) We should be on the site by 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Don't miss it!  
Kroehler  Dresser w/ Greek Key Motif
And remember, if you like what you see you can always visit us at THE COOP! Contact us to visit.

Happy Friday and visit us Sunday on OKL!!!

Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are not missing...

We know you have been worried... Seems like we have ditched the blog for one peaceful, relaxing vacation after another. Wait... what? Part of that is true we are both on vacation in Bald Head but peaceful? relaxing? um...NO! Fun? um...YES! Hooper is here with her whole crew and I am here with my 2 littlest. Yes, once again the 3 of us are in a 3 bedroom house all sleeping in one king bed. What can I say? I owned the book  
Baby Wise but I think we used it to prop a leg on a table in the sun room.

My older kids are getting to the age where they are doing their own thing in the summer. L is at my sisters in Chicago and J is at my brother's farm in Winston. Jeff is working and I guess Mols, Ads and I are just 'summering' on the island dahling!  I wish for the whole summer but we are here for a week, then back to reality...bummer.

It's been great spending so much time with the 2 smallest Schuttes...

 Bike rides and watermelon... does it get any better? 
 It might... how about a Sunday Funday pirate ship ride? 
We have managed to catch this sunset almost every night on our golf cart cruising around the island...

And when Jeff and Jackson were here (for 2 days over the 4th) We entered the golf card parade under the patriotic category. Who knew people spend the entire year making props, decorations and costumes to be in the parade? We didn't- our dollar store cart fell way short... BUT we had fun. Well, I'm pretty sure Jackson did not have fun. In fact, Our 14 year old tried to jump off the cart several times and begged us to "peel out of the parade at our street" (direct quote over and over and over again)...
In his defense, our cart was sandwiched between the 2 best carts in the parade. But, he survived one more forced family fun event and is a better man for it! And yes, you read that right... he just turned 14. What???? No way! We celebrated and I cried. I just can't believe I have a 14 year old... 

Anyhoo, that's what's been happening round here... 
We do have something exciting to share with you...soon... I promise. 

Hope you all are enjoying your summa time! -A

Bye, bye birdie,

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