Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sick Day... YES!

Sick Day... Addie is home sick today. My 2 youngest are in year round school and started back last week. Yesterday, while running back and forth between meetings, fabric store (good stuff at $7.99 btw) the school called. They have a new school nurse and 5 days into school it was time we met. 

I wish I was warm and fuzzy and a better caregiver when my babies are sick but I'm just not. When the school calls I roll my eyes and try to talk said sick child out of whatever ailment I think they "think" they have. The last school nurse and I talked so much (4 kids in school) that we came to an understanding. Puke or fever was the only criteria for calling. Wow - that sounds bad out loud. 
Anyhoo, Addie came home yesterday and it was legit. FEVER....ughhhh.
(I'll take that over puke any day) 

Ok, ok, I'm not so bad- She was quite pitiful. So what's a good mom to do? Cancel all meetings for 2 days and look forward to hanging with the littlest! 

This was Addie 4 years ago when she was home sick. This is one of my favorite pics ever. I love the dreads ( we still have to brush them out once a week),  her huge smile and barely opened eyes. She is a fun one to hang with and I could use the break! 

Hmmm... what should we do today? my list of DIY's and projects around the house is mind blowing. Don't worry, she'll sleep and I will work and in between we will catch up on Girl Meets World. Did I say break earlier? Yeah... no break. 

Here's the latest... I want to reclaim my master bedroom and today is the perfect day to do it.  Here is what my master bed room looks like in my head: 
My bed is similar - it is a black quilt bed. I have the lamps, bedding, drapes, mirror and art. My walls are a pale blue yet my room doesn't look like this right now. My room looks like a laundry processing center. Wait, my room is the laundry processing center. I always tell clients that their bedroom should be their sanctuary. Hmmm... I missed on that one. Our room is a constant reminder that I am bad at laundry. What I need to finish the space are side tables. (and a pod for clothes- would that be wierd in my driveway? ) I have it narrowed down to 2 options. Normally, I wouldn't do matching tables but our room is so small I think the more cohesive the better. 

So option 1:
This is from Overstock and under $200! Yes! Not sure I want the dark wood- it also comes inblack and white but don't like those as options. This could be pretty as is or I could have it lacquered. Hmmmm...


 Ok, work with me... I know this is an unconventional choice BUT, Lowes carries this great gold spray paint and styled with boxes and books this could be really pretty. I could rattle can it gold and call it a day!  Plus, did I mention how small our room is? This little cart is tall and narrow. Am I crazy? Could I dress it up? Oh AND... It's $40. Yup, $40 bucks!!! 

Plus if I got option 2 I would have enough cashola to score this:

Yes WEST ELM! Way to go WE! - I am loving this and hope to own it soon.

You think about it while I fold laundry, I am ready to order something! .... 

bye, bye birdie,


Alecia said...

"Rattle can it gold.".love that!

I personally like the one with the drawer because I like a little hidden space for my "stuff". However I think the other one is bigger and I LOVE the pillows. So go so that one!

Fully Clad said...

Ann- I almost ordered the campaign side tables from overstock for our bedside tables but I like the cart better! More storage!!! :) Julie King

Unknown said...

Aw, Addie looks so cute with her bed head! I'm all for the cart because I like to read before bed. But I really like that cart. Is it from Overstock too?

Unknown said...

Aw, Addie looks so cute with her bed head! I'm all for the cart because I like to read before bed. But I really like that cart. Is it from Overstock too?

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