Friday, August 29, 2014

Boho Reveal!

When I met with this family to decorate their house, their daughter told me she wanted something eclectic that depicted her love of travel. She told me some colors she likes and I ran with it. I have to admit, I was nervous about her room because she was worried it wouldn't be what she had in mind - perhaps she was worried it would be too traditional since her parent's part of the house was more traditional than her tastes. 

At the same time, she didn't ask for much - she said "all I need is a bed - anything else would be awesome!" I found this so refreshing coming from a sixteen-year-old high schooler where so many kids (these days) seem entitled and spoiled. I was also taking notes on how to raise children that are filled with more gratitude and less expectations. Because she was so humble and endearing, I made it my mission to create a space that would be the perfect reflection of her. 
I started with the Bianca duvet from Urban Outfitters and a black and cream wool rug. The wool rug, also from Urban Outfitters was a splurge, but it grounds the space with a tribal pattern. Check out the mirror above the bed -- Target! And it was a steal...

As for the bedding, I loved the punchy colors AND the globe, of course, as a nod to her travels. I layered the bed with some velvet, a suzani pillow and a bright pillow from World Market to mix it up. 
I chose these industrial carts as bedside tables. These CB2 
"go-carts" have casters that lock into place and offer tons of storage at her bedside. 
She told me she hoped to one day live in New Zealand so I searched high and low for wall art. I found this killer decal on a New Zealand website and had it shipped over. I love the graphic vibe - thank you Ann for putting it up! I found the retro glider on the porch (left by the old owners) and love the extra unexpected seating. 

Layered with a kantha throw and some Oriental rug pillows, it's a great spot to hang with friends. We decided to keep the glider in it's original condition because she liked the aged look.
I scored this pouf at World Market...

oh, and the chair (fab retro lines) was recovered in white croc vinyl and is also from our studio/shop The Coop. 
I layered with  accessories - affordable finds from HomeGoods. 
Ann had this mid-century dresser at The Coop and it was the perfect style for this mod space. She was planning on taking it home to her house, but I intercepted. 

The arrow bookends may just be one of my favorite touches. I found the set on clearance at Pottery Barn.
Of course, she needed a study space - this lacquered secretary offers tons of storage and a work surface that closes to conceal clutter. 
The back is wallpapered in an Osborne and Little wallpaper for an unexpected pop of pattern.... it's from The Coop, of course! 
A smokey lucite chair is the perfect desk perch (another Coop score).
She was blown away by her new room and said it was "more than she could have ever imagined - it's SO me", she said. I'm so happy she loves it.... Happy Labor Day weekend! I'm off to relax...
                                                                                bye bye birdie...

photos via Patrick Shovlin

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Big Reveal!

One month ago, a client referred me to a family that had bought a new house and wanted to move in before school started.

 I was trying not to work over the summer so I could spend time with the kids, but this seemed quick and easy, so I took the meeting.... A few minutes in, I realized that this would not only be a bigger job than expected, but under their deadline, something I had never even attempted (or would consider, if I didn't need a tiny break from 3 kids). Their criteria:
1. Showcase their art collection (which is amazing by the way).
2. Furnish the house (which is over 5000 square feet)
3. Finish by school
4. Oh yeah, and having lived in the same house for 25 years prior to buying this one... they needed almost ALL new furniture.
So here's what I did.
1. Smiled and politely said: 
Sure, no problem."
2. Panicked.
3. Panicked again. A job this size would normally take me at least 6 months.
4. Got texts of their main art pieces. 
5. Started working on design boards. Lots of them - one for each room.
I chose only AVAILABLE furniture  - pieces I could either buy off of the floor or put a rush on. I called in some favors and rushed in large orders from California and Atlanta. Because I promised my kids that I would install everything AFTER they started school, I started the install last Thursday. In 3 days... this house was completed - down to the towels and toilet paper.  We spent one entire day moving and hanging the art. More on that later. This past Sunday, my clients walked into their new home to see it (and all of it's furniture) for the FIRST TIME. Can you imagine? Take a look... 
 These photos don't depict how amazing this art collection is. I used these two John Carroll Doyle pieces in the main space and pulled out the grays, chocolates, coral and greens.
I could look at him for hours...

Custom pillows complete the sofa and tie in the colors from the artwork.

 I placed a worn, beautiful Oriental from their old home on top of a large jute rug. Here's a tip: Their Oriental rug was too small for the space, but the 10X14 jute adds texture and makes the room feel much larger. 
The layered rug on top gives color and softness. 
 Notice the large back to the gray velvet sofa? The clients had a beautiful buffet in their old home. With all of the walls being used for art/windows, there was no where for a server.
I convinced the owners to let me (Soundside Carpentry) cut the piece down so that it could function as a buffet and a console. We also needed a large space for one of their largest pieces of art.
This oil by a Charleston artist is 66"x 54". It is huge and needed it's own space. This paneled wall was perfect. I'm planning on adding gallery lighting just as soon as possible so it will be properly lit.
A comfy traditional wingback (with a twist - leopard) adds additional seating and is a prime TV watching spot.
 This abacus chair pulls the black from the dining room and holds a pillow I found on Etsy from the United Kingdom and the garden stool is from The Coop. 

 I wanted leather that looked worn and was the color of cigars. These have amazing lines and nailhead detailing for an old, weathered look.
 I wanted this space to not only showcase the art, but have a low country vibe with pieces that appear to be added over time.
 The scatter rugs came from the client's old home. I literally brought the rugs, the art and the buffet. Everything else was bought to work with those pieces.
The rugs make for an easy transition from the foyer to the main living space. I love how the furniture floats on the gorgeous heart pine floors. 
 I ditched the idea of a coffee table for an ottoman that could double as a table and a place for feet. It's linen with a burlap base.
Soundside Carpentry made the custom table with antique wood with a gray wash and a cream lacquered base. I didn't want to compete with the floors so I chose gray. Please notice that there are 6 chairs (3 en route). All of the chairs didn't make it in time, but I will post pics when they arrive. The leg shape was chosen to mimic the lines of the Emperor black lacquered chairs. Linen seats keep the look clean and simple without competing pattern with the beautiful Oriental rug. 
With candles lit and fingers crossed, we waited for the client to step into their new home...
A cloche from Maran Home and a bowl from the client's collection (made from NC oak) grace the entry table and welcome the new clients into their new space.

When they walked into their new home, they were speechless. I think they like it. Wish I could stay...
images via Patrick Shovlin

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap - Whew!

So the move for the client in the very large house went extremely well and the house is beautiful and COMPLETED!  I would say it went off without a hitch. Basically, I had 3 days fill up a 5000 square foot house with furnishings that I had one month to purchase. You know I work well, under a deadline, but this one was a little tight. I can't wait to show you the professional photos from the move, but until then, here is a sneak peek of progress. If you recall, their art collection was unlike anything I have seen or worked with. Getting the giant pieces hung was quite a task. 
I spy with my little eye... 
While waiting for the trucks... I had brought a few things over from their old house. Everything else going into this room (except the art) is NEW! I can't wait to show you the finished results.
In other news... we are on One Kings Lane this week! Get shopping and Happy Monday! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Art... Art...Art...

OK... here's the situation, my parents went a way on a weeks vacation,  Sorry I can't seem to use the word situation without an 80's rap following. Anyway... here is the situation...
It's back to school! You saw earlier in the week that Hooper is on the verge of cracking (legit). Well, I am not far behind. Back to school in my head means I have from 7:15- 2:15 to do whatever I want. I can drink coffee, lunch with friends, shop....blah, blah, blah. That's in my head. The reality is we have 9 months to do all the things we didn't do over the summer before they are home again. 
So here is my question: 
How much art is too much art? 
What!?!? My kids go back to school and my big project is to decide what to hang or take off the walls?! That's what I need to know.
So this is above my sofa in the living room... AND I love all these pieces. I am an art snob. I love originals and do not do prints unless they are limited quantity from an artist. Wow, I only do originals sounds bratty BUT the originals might be a 1960's art class piece I found in a junk shop. I'm not talking gallery status art. just interesting pieces I come across. 

Too much? This wall does not stand alone. In addition to these, I counted 10 more pieces in the room. And one painting is the size of a smart car. (I would take a picture but I'm not the strongest housekeeper) 

I once had a friend over who exclaimed "Ann , Enough with the art!" What?! It was like the first time you get called Ma'am by a teenager and you realize to them you are old and yes ma'am is an appropriate response in their minds. After she left,  I questioned myself, do I have too much art? 

But I realized I do this professionally and my taste or passions do not have to line up with everyone elses. I also have a background in art- so of course art is going to be a huge part of my home. So I decided she was way wrong and can you really have too much of something you love? 

So I felt no guilt when Hooper and I did an out of town shop and I came across this:

This is the 10th print of 21 by an artist done in 1974. On the bottom it read 10/21 '74. Ok, so here is the cool thing: My birthday is October 21, 1974. (10/21/74) And yes... quick math I am almost 40.  The best part, Hooper bought it for me for my birthday. I am not good at surprises so I got it early and of course added it to my collection. 

So  what do you think? Too much, just enough, I need more? 
Does anyone else have 24 things hanging in one room? ...-A

Happy Friday!
Bye, bye birdie,

Monday, August 18, 2014

Top 10 Signs I'm Cracking Under Pressure

This week is back to school for us. That makes me very sad and stressed.  Here are the top 10 signs I may be cracking under pressure. 
1. I didn't realize until AFTER the ice bucket challenge that we had another kid?

 2. Scared that my kids didn't complete ALL of their summer reading. Wondering if Graham can perfect the talent of speed reading? 
Does anyone know if Nancy Drew has Cliff Notes? I'm kidding. (not really).
3. I just ORDERED ALL of my school supplies for 3 children ONLINE. Yep. You read that correctly. I refused to go to 
Wal-Mart, Target, Staples or any other store for number 2 pencils and marbled notebooks. Yes, I am a genius.

4. Have taken up gourmet cooking. What?  I'm stalling because we are about to go into full crock-pot mode. Plus you can have a glass of wine while making elaborate meals. Not so much with crock-pot creations. 

5. Have watched 3 seasons of Breaking Bad. In 2 weeks.

6. Am now convinced due to Breaking Bad that everything is a drug front.

7. Convinced a client I could most definitely complete the install of her new very large home just as soon as kids go back to school. Did I mention I have 3 days before they need to be in the home and living there? Yeah, no biggie.

8. Saw a very large shark in the ocean while my kids were swimming.... during Shark Week.

9. Took the kids to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... and loved it.

10. Twins are so cute right now, I considered homeschooling. 

Happy Monday... 
bye bye birdie...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Need a Fix?....

Rain, rain go away...I am not talking about the weather because I have nothing else to say to you... This is not an awkward conversation filler. I am talking about the weather because SERIOUSLY we have had weeks of rain. My children are like caged animals. In fact Jackson (14) was so out of control the other day I paid him $3 to run laps in the backyard for 10 minutes. Don't tell him but I would have paid more...
The highlight in this dismal weather is has been my 2 stitch fixes that I have received this summer...
Stitch fix is a personal shopping service that mails you clothes to try. You go online here, fill out a profile that includes styles, sizes, wants etc... After you schedule for first fix, a box with 5 items inside is delivered to your door. If you keep everything in your box you get 25% off the total purchase. But if you keep anything at all your $20 fix fee goes towards that item. 
 It is like Christmas!
My first fix was awesome and I kept 2 of the 5 items. I loved 4 of the 5 items but didn't keep the other 2  because of fit.  Here are the 2 pieces I kept. Love the racer back tank and nail head detail on the orange shirt. 

Hooper got a fix and called me to say they mixed our styles up! I would have kept her entire box! 
She kept 1 item. The black jacket was awesome but not a need.

Friday I got my 2nd fix... I had specifically asked for a kimono and loved the one they sent me! I got 3 other items that I tried to like but just didn't...
These all went back... The cuts were cute but the fabrics were a miss... I liked the shorts but the hubby did not- he has some kind of aversion to high waisted shorts. Mom jean isssues or something....

But Kimono...YES!!! I have already worn this twice with jeans, a navy tank, wedges and fun jewelry. 

 They also sent me a necklace that I would have kept if it had been cheaper but for the price it was a little too not me... But overall I would say the prices on items are great. You can put in your price range when requesting items. You also can create a pinterest board with things you like and your personal shopper will check it out.
And the best part... You don't have to shop and you can try things on in your own house.
 Molly (my 9 year old) was my photographer. Below is the dress they sent.... hmmmm.... cute cut but not me at all.  I even tried it on several times hoping the fit would sway me. I mean who doesn't need a cute dress to throw on especially if it can go into the fall with a jean jacket over it.  I love that it's a little mod but the navy and red color combo was a little more then I could handle.
Need your own fix? Use our  link here and we will earn credit! Pass on your own link after your first fix and you will earn credit! 
Bye, bye birdie, 
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