Friday, August 22, 2014

Art... Art...Art...

OK... here's the situation, my parents went a way on a weeks vacation,  Sorry I can't seem to use the word situation without an 80's rap following. Anyway... here is the situation...
It's back to school! You saw earlier in the week that Hooper is on the verge of cracking (legit). Well, I am not far behind. Back to school in my head means I have from 7:15- 2:15 to do whatever I want. I can drink coffee, lunch with friends, shop....blah, blah, blah. That's in my head. The reality is we have 9 months to do all the things we didn't do over the summer before they are home again. 
So here is my question: 
How much art is too much art? 
What!?!? My kids go back to school and my big project is to decide what to hang or take off the walls?! That's what I need to know.
So this is above my sofa in the living room... AND I love all these pieces. I am an art snob. I love originals and do not do prints unless they are limited quantity from an artist. Wow, I only do originals sounds bratty BUT the originals might be a 1960's art class piece I found in a junk shop. I'm not talking gallery status art. just interesting pieces I come across. 

Too much? This wall does not stand alone. In addition to these, I counted 10 more pieces in the room. And one painting is the size of a smart car. (I would take a picture but I'm not the strongest housekeeper) 

I once had a friend over who exclaimed "Ann , Enough with the art!" What?! It was like the first time you get called Ma'am by a teenager and you realize to them you are old and yes ma'am is an appropriate response in their minds. After she left,  I questioned myself, do I have too much art? 

But I realized I do this professionally and my taste or passions do not have to line up with everyone elses. I also have a background in art- so of course art is going to be a huge part of my home. So I decided she was way wrong and can you really have too much of something you love? 

So I felt no guilt when Hooper and I did an out of town shop and I came across this:

This is the 10th print of 21 by an artist done in 1974. On the bottom it read 10/21 '74. Ok, so here is the cool thing: My birthday is October 21, 1974. (10/21/74) And yes... quick math I am almost 40.  The best part, Hooper bought it for me for my birthday. I am not good at surprises so I got it early and of course added it to my collection. 

So  what do you think? Too much, just enough, I need more? 
Does anyone else have 24 things hanging in one room? ...-A

Happy Friday!
Bye, bye birdie,


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love your gallery wall too. I'm thinking of doing something like this in my dorm this year! Teddy looks as adorable as always.

Nancy said...

I like it but more importantly its your offense to your friend but if you love it and every piece up there then that's all that matters. period. love it or lose it, that's my motto in my forties and in decorating :)

Laurie@Inspiredyetagain said...

I so get the...finally! I can do some me stuff since the kids are back in school. Yippie! As for the art, No, not to much. A gallery wall is always cool. I do however have a did ask...right? Anyway, I think you should place the 4 great silhouettes in another spot...alone, or with the deer head overhead.

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