Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Need a Fix?....

Rain, rain go away...I am not talking about the weather because I have nothing else to say to you... This is not an awkward conversation filler. I am talking about the weather because SERIOUSLY we have had weeks of rain. My children are like caged animals. In fact Jackson (14) was so out of control the other day I paid him $3 to run laps in the backyard for 10 minutes. Don't tell him but I would have paid more...
The highlight in this dismal weather is has been my 2 stitch fixes that I have received this summer...
Stitch fix is a personal shopping service that mails you clothes to try. You go online here, fill out a profile that includes styles, sizes, wants etc... After you schedule for first fix, a box with 5 items inside is delivered to your door. If you keep everything in your box you get 25% off the total purchase. But if you keep anything at all your $20 fix fee goes towards that item. 
 It is like Christmas!
My first fix was awesome and I kept 2 of the 5 items. I loved 4 of the 5 items but didn't keep the other 2  because of fit.  Here are the 2 pieces I kept. Love the racer back tank and nail head detail on the orange shirt. 

Hooper got a fix and called me to say they mixed our styles up! I would have kept her entire box! 
She kept 1 item. The black jacket was awesome but not a need.

Friday I got my 2nd fix... I had specifically asked for a kimono and loved the one they sent me! I got 3 other items that I tried to like but just didn't...
These all went back... The cuts were cute but the fabrics were a miss... I liked the shorts but the hubby did not- he has some kind of aversion to high waisted shorts. Mom jean isssues or something....

But Kimono...YES!!! I have already worn this twice with jeans, a navy tank, wedges and fun jewelry. 

 They also sent me a necklace that I would have kept if it had been cheaper but for the price it was a little too not me... But overall I would say the prices on items are great. You can put in your price range when requesting items. You also can create a pinterest board with things you like and your personal shopper will check it out.
And the best part... You don't have to shop and you can try things on in your own house.
 Molly (my 9 year old) was my photographer. Below is the dress they sent.... hmmmm.... cute cut but not me at all.  I even tried it on several times hoping the fit would sway me. I mean who doesn't need a cute dress to throw on especially if it can go into the fall with a jean jacket over it.  I love that it's a little mod but the navy and red color combo was a little more then I could handle.
Need your own fix? Use our  link here and we will earn credit! Pass on your own link after your first fix and you will earn credit! 
Bye, bye birdie, 

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