Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Best Jumping off Point: EVER!

All of my clients are wonderful and I am thankful for each and every one...however, not all of my clients are ready and willing to trust me right from the beginning. It often takes time to build that trust and usually takes being able to see my vision for them come to fruition. 

This Summer, I have been working on some interesting projects (more on that later), but this one in particular has been special in that the client LITERALLY told me to go with it - pick whatever I wanted (in keeping with a low country vibe) and get them moved in the week the kids go back to school. No problem. They gave me a little direction and a very quick deadline and are trusting me to do the entire house using a very AMAZING art collection as the jumping off point. When I was referred to these clients and was told about their art collection, I had no idea just how incredible it is. These photos don't hold a candle to the real thing. These pieces are HUGE...

 The master bedroom (which I am still working on) will be done around this very large vibrant landscape.
 This John Carroll Doyle is 76" X 64". I have been reading up on this Charleston artist and am blown away by his ability to jump from the fish above to this... 
They are stunning - each and every one of them. This John Carroll Doyle is the jumping off point for their living space. 

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Unknown said...

Oh, my all time favorite style. I've read several articles about their beautiful work. Thank you for such an inspiring, interesting post.
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