Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Swooney Clooney

I wanted to be Carol Hathaway. 
For nearly over a decade, I swooned over Clooney every Thursday night on ER. Yep, I was going to run off into the sunset with Doug Ross. Then, just when you think he can't get any better... like a fine wine, he aged exquisitely, showed the world his hilarious sense of humor, dated the most beautiful women in the world and hands down (to this day) is the hottest man alive in a tux. Oh yeah, and he valiantly fights poverty in the Sudan. Today, sadly, he is off the market... sniff sniff. I want to hate Amal....Except she is stunningly beautiful, smart and George seems to be smitten. 

Oh, to be a guest at the wedding in Venice over this past weekend. Perhaps, the newlyweds will honeymoon in Italy or head to George's pad in Cabo. We have all seen his Lake Como digs, but this one takes the cake. Built next to friends Cindy and Rande (Crawford and Gerber), this bachelor pad no more is fit for a new wife. In perfect Clooney style, it's relaxed, comfortable and breathtaking. 

 Yes, this is the kitchen. What beautiful images captured by Architectural Digest. 
 Can't you just imagine laughing it up at the bar while George mixes you a mojito?
 This is the master bath. I won't be imagining anything here. It's just pretty. 

 The honeymoon suite? How will they choose where to honeymoon? George clearly has great taste in his homes and women. So long Carol Hathaway.... here's to the happy couple!

bye bye birdie... -h

images via People & Architectural Digest

Thursday, September 25, 2014

9 By Novogratz

You may recall our star sighting of the Novogratz at the High Point Furniture market a few years back. Let's suffice it say that they most likely don't remember us, but we stammered through a greeting, picture etc.  Next to Courtney (who gave birth to 7), I look like I have given birth to 17. 
I do think that my HORIZONTAL stripe shirt may be better on a pillow (instead of across my body). 
Anyhoo... our favorite design duo have launched their punch line for Walmart. Yep, they are giving the other big box stores a run for their money because their new line of furniture and accessories are distinctly fabulous and so very Novogratz. 

  I love the contrast and big pops of color against black and white. Oh yeah, and the striped pillows. Yep, perhaps I inspired the dream team. Perhaps Court said to Bob - "did you see that girl's shirt? What style she has. Wouldn't it make a great pillow for our new line?"... 

It's high style for a low price and I can't wait to get my hands on some -- in stores now. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Little gems....

Remember these little gems I got at my friend Sissy's tag sale? It was love at first sight....
They were actually in pretty good shape but still needed a bit of a make over to make it to my living room. 

Lucky for me I have an 11 year old that likes to paint and  is actually  good at it!  Here's a tip... Benjamin Moore makes a paint called Advance,  it goes on like an oil paint but cleans up with water. If you know anything about paint, the cleanup is the biggest pain when dealing with oil paint.  But an oil finish is always prettier and smoother and worth it when you can use oil. Thank you Ben! 
So... after  L was done off they went to be upholstered and voila....
Please excuse the photos... my phone really likes outside pics best :)....
They are done and made my living room!  They opened a can of worms and made me clean, rearrange, re hang art etc.... but they love their new home and look fab!  Are they not vintage goodness???

And speaking of vintage goodness...
Addie was in a class play and wore MY DRESS circa 1979. Thank you Mom for saving this little jewel. The appliqued deer, bonnet girl, ruffled sleeves... swoon... I mean I must have been adorable in this dress. I am sure the collar took away from my buck teeth and hopefully the dress originally came with a bonnet to hide my bowl cut. Bet I was a looker... 

Addie was pretty cute in the play and the teacher loved that she wore my dress. She announced to all the parents that Addie wore her Mom's dress from the early 70's. LATE 70's MRS. TEACHER!!!

On a less traumatizing note, I came home to find my 3rd stitch fix waiting for me!!! Yahoo!
And in it... this cool jacket I can not wait to wear! Yes... camo! 
I actually kept the entire fix this time! So... if you have not signed up and tried it yet, give it a go here. I mean who has time to shop when there are so many blogs to read! 

Let us know if you get a fix and what was in it! 
Happy Week!...-A

bye, bye birdie,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

One Kings Lane: Sunday Showing

I know we don't usually post on Sundays, but we have a killer piece making it's debut on One Kings Lane. Check it out here.! It is a Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggins dining table and it is  stunning. Check it out and don't forget to shop One Kings Lane today! 
This is it's true color and it has a leaf -- it's the perfect dining table

And... it is in perfect condition. It is signed and original, but truly, we had trouble finding imperfections. 

Happy Weekend! bye bye birdie...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ice Hockey and Tae Kwon Do: More Reveal

Head all the way to the top of my latest project and you will find an unexpected retreat. 
I love a space with nautical touches -- especially a house on the water with a killer view. My big reveal continues with this top floor stunner. When you can't find me, this is where I will be. Do you think the clients would think that was weird? It has wrap around windows and cool finishes for a ship-like feel. 
 Did I mention a day bed?  Sleep here or spend an afternoon curled up with a good book. The pillows are a mix from Pottery Barn and HomeGoods.
 Layers of texture and cable knit keep it comfy.
 Head downstairs to the teenage boy's room. He wanted something that showed off his passion for ice hockey and martial arts. He excels in both so I wanted to tie them into a space that would grow with him. 
 A black cannonball bed is brightened up with bedding from West Elm. 
 I included a trophy lamp from The Coop and a fun rustic rope mirror from HomeGoods.
 His dad's Hardy Boys collection needed a space of its own so it could really shine... I love vintage books! 
 Crammed into a cool shelf, it creates function/storage and ART! 

 This rustic desk from West Elm adds a pop of red and I accented it with brass. A framed map and a desk lamp create a nice nook for studying. 
 This athlete plays ice hockey with the Hurricanes as a Junior Hurricane. I wanted his room to reflect that without being too "themey" (clearly not a word). I scored this coat rack on Etsy. It is mounted on hockey pucks and showcases his Tae Kwon Do belts. Did I mention he is a black belt? 
He loves his new space and it will age with him.
bye bye birdie...

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Color Purple, Part 2

A client asked me to create a feminine guest space. We pagoda shaped headboard (from The Coop). I layered the bed with linen pillows with pops of lilac and peacock blue. The gold/mirrored sconces above the bed are Regina Andrew design.
Believe it or not, the rug is from Overstock. Yes, Overstock. It was a steal and is 100% wool. 
A gold bamboo side table (also from The Coop) is a perfect side table in this small space. 

Would you believe I found these chairs on CraigsList? Seriously. Pretty fabulous in this Robert Allen fabric. 
The client (she will argue) has great taste. Her antique monogrammed linens add a personal touch to the bed.... So pretty and feminine! 

The room is filled with gorgeous details... It is the perfect mix of new and old to give this guest room a layered look -- she may get more house guests than she bargained for... 
bye bye birdie...


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