Thursday, September 25, 2014

9 By Novogratz

You may recall our star sighting of the Novogratz at the High Point Furniture market a few years back. Let's suffice it say that they most likely don't remember us, but we stammered through a greeting, picture etc.  Next to Courtney (who gave birth to 7), I look like I have given birth to 17. 
I do think that my HORIZONTAL stripe shirt may be better on a pillow (instead of across my body). 
Anyhoo... our favorite design duo have launched their punch line for Walmart. Yep, they are giving the other big box stores a run for their money because their new line of furniture and accessories are distinctly fabulous and so very Novogratz. 

  I love the contrast and big pops of color against black and white. Oh yeah, and the striped pillows. Yep, perhaps I inspired the dream team. Perhaps Court said to Bob - "did you see that girl's shirt? What style she has. Wouldn't it make a great pillow for our new line?"... 

It's high style for a low price and I can't wait to get my hands on some -- in stores now. 

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