Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Swooney Clooney

I wanted to be Carol Hathaway. 
For nearly over a decade, I swooned over Clooney every Thursday night on ER. Yep, I was going to run off into the sunset with Doug Ross. Then, just when you think he can't get any better... like a fine wine, he aged exquisitely, showed the world his hilarious sense of humor, dated the most beautiful women in the world and hands down (to this day) is the hottest man alive in a tux. Oh yeah, and he valiantly fights poverty in the Sudan. Today, sadly, he is off the market... sniff sniff. I want to hate Amal....Except she is stunningly beautiful, smart and George seems to be smitten. 

Oh, to be a guest at the wedding in Venice over this past weekend. Perhaps, the newlyweds will honeymoon in Italy or head to George's pad in Cabo. We have all seen his Lake Como digs, but this one takes the cake. Built next to friends Cindy and Rande (Crawford and Gerber), this bachelor pad no more is fit for a new wife. In perfect Clooney style, it's relaxed, comfortable and breathtaking. 

 Yes, this is the kitchen. What beautiful images captured by Architectural Digest. 
 Can't you just imagine laughing it up at the bar while George mixes you a mojito?
 This is the master bath. I won't be imagining anything here. It's just pretty. 

 The honeymoon suite? How will they choose where to honeymoon? George clearly has great taste in his homes and women. So long Carol Hathaway.... here's to the happy couple!

bye bye birdie... -h

images via People & Architectural Digest

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