Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Labor Day was a blast at Bald Head Island.  We had my friend from college and her sweet family staying with us. My twins were quite smitten with her precious twin girls. We all had a fun and quite memorable weekend.
In case you are questioning the strange red pictures below.... They are documenting the loggerhead sea turtle hatching we witnessed Sunday night. I have been coming to Bald Head since 1981. Yes, back in the olden days- according to my children. There were no phones and no Turtle Central (now run by the Conservancy). There was one lady: "Cindy, the turtle lady". Each morning when a hatching was eminent, Cindy would go door to door in the middle of the night, knocking on the doors of all 15 houses to round up help in getting the baby turtles to the sea. It is my favorite childhood memory and I have been trying for many summers to share this with my children. We started out Saturday "camping" out by a nest. At 10 pm it seemed like a fun adventure. By 2:00 am, not so much. Plus I don't camp. Ever. Our planned night of sleeping under the stars ended with sound asleep and sandy in my own bed. No turtles in sight. 

Sunday night after a beach music party with the Band of Oz, we checked on our nest again. Low and behold, the nest erupted with about 100 tiny loggerheads. We were all there to see it and help the babies find their way to the sea!
It was a fun filled weekend full of friends, dancing

And in an effort to extend the vacay... Being the good mom that I am, I kept the children out another day. Yep, they have been in school for 6.5 days. On the 6:00 am ferry back this morning, I reflected on our great holiday. I hope yours was great too! 

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