Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween....

 If you were lucky enough to read last years post bout this time you would have received my STELLAR Halloween parenting advice. Now this stuff can't be found in books... 

All you newbie parents don't judge.... 
Here is the Schutte family Halloween rule. This has been tested and proven by 4 little Schutte's. 
Here goes....


Hmmmm... you say. What is she talking about? Well, it's simple. After trick or treating and over the course of about 3 days, there are no candy rules. Eat a twix for breakfast. Smarties, nerds and tootsie rolls for snack? SURE! 
Now, I know this seems scary but after 2-3 days (trust me on this) they are done. Not with all their candy, just eating it all. They start to ask for salads, apples and carrot sticks. Their beverage of choice is milk or water. Their little bodies are craving nutrients and vitamins. And as a parent, you comply and while they are asleep you take those candy bags (that they won't miss) and you and your hubby cull through, get everything you want and throw away the rest.
DONE. It's over... 3 days of sugar highs and no eye contact but then it's over. No more whining about wanting candy, no more fighting over only allowing 1 piece after dinner. It's over. And that to me makes the 3 days of cracked out kids worth it.

Now you can do what you want with my unsolicited advice but trust me it works.

Let me know if you are brave enough to test my theory and....

If you still need a costume, I think gluten free pizza is still available at the halloween shop! (I just had to share this picture of Hooper's boys... cracks me up!) 

Happy Halloween!

BOO! BOO!  birdie, 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend RECAP and Reno's EVERYWHERE

It was a big weekend around here. Starting with...Patrick Shovlin finished the Big Reveal video of a project I finished recently. Check it out here. If you haven't seen the other videos about this project in progress, check out my YouTube channel . Stay tuned for weekly "how to" videos and design tips. 
Speaking of tips... we had a scary Halloween weekend when I decided late last week to rip out the kids bathroom. Read was out of town.
Tip #1. Tell your husband before you do any major renovations. In fact, get his approval.
Tip #2. Staying downstairs and avoiding kids rooms/bathrooms (at all costs) does not solve anything. Ignorance is not bliss.
Tip #3. Cleaning out bathroom/kids' rooms can be scary and dangerous. 
As I was sorting (aka throwing out everything I could get my hands on). I hear Hutson exclaim: 
Mom! Here's that sandwich I have been looking for. 
Tip #4. Call an exterminator.
Here is the bathroom today. Some progress... not enough for Read or the twins who wander around aimlessly in middle of night looking for toilet. And, I finally decided on a tile. I'm going with the gray "hardwood" tile for the floor and a marble hex for the wall (spatter proof).
In other weekend news... we attended a Halloween party. No, that is not me. I did NOT dress us as Groot for the party. Thank you to all readers that assumed that was me. Had I dressed up as Groot, it would not have taken this much work. I practically look like this when I wake up. Nope, I dressed up as myself. Showered with make-up. No one recognized me. 
Happy Monday! Bye bye birdie...

Friday, October 24, 2014


We just picked up a lot of freshly lacquered pieces for The Coop (and some other cool stuff based on the size of the truck). Email us at for pricing or an appointment to see these killer items! We are planning another BIG Sale in early December so STAY TUNED! 
Yes, we could have fit an entire dinosaur in this truck...
Gorgeous faux bamboo side tables perfect for a living space or bedroom.... new lacquer in "Alabaster" and $650 for the pair. 
 Stunning pale gray lacquered hex tables with brass Greek key inlay. These are beautiful and $800 for the pair. One of a kind! 
 These 40's lucite and brass dining chairs are too great not to post. They sold to a client, but I couldn't resist. They are amazing! I can't wait to show you the dining room they will be living in! 
 I love this new teal lacquer on this chest. It SOLD and will go into a living room as a TV console. Want more pieces like these? Let us know so we can be on the look out! 
 This white lacquered faux bamboo etagere would be the perfect addition to any space and great storage or display. We love the gold accents! $650
 Vintage Mart Stam set of 4 leather and chrome chairs -- mid-century mod and perfect for a game table. Way cool. 

Pagoda pine table with gorgeous detailing. This piece would look amazing in your entry or behind a sofa. Email us for more details or to see any of these pieces or others. We are filling up The Coop! 
bye bye birdie and Happy Friday (finds).... 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Market Recap....

First....Thank you Hooper for hijacking the blog on Tuesday and posting all those lovely pics of me when I was little. Wish you had included one from High School (that's when I peaked) and how I still look in my head.... Thank you to all for the text and messages and birthday wishes. And a special thanks from all my friends who are old already in there 40's and assured me it is the best decade ever. That is what I am banking on...
And now... A market real...
The showrooms are insane and I nearly fainted over the color, pattern and art in this one! 
 We both loved the dark wood and fabric headboard ... 

Desk anyone? 
Thibaut never disappoints...
 Thibaut was so inviting I had to try out the sofa ... (aka rest)


 Hooper nearly fainted when she walked into this one! 
 This showroom spoke to both of us... the mid century vibe is still on trend and so pretty...

 Being inspired is the best part of market and I love the ribbon running through these chairs...

All in all it was a great trip and we scored lots of goodies. These might show up at the COOP!

Stay tuned...

Bye, bye birdie,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy 40th Ann!!

Today is a very BIG Ann's 40th birthday! Hopefully, she won't be mad at me for posting these sweet pics from a few years back... 
She probably thinks I'm going to post a market recap but I just couldn't resist. 
 Her mom sent me some pictures and I love this one of Ann and her siblings... I'm sure her sister, Beth will read this (Beth- don't be mad). 
Ann, I hope you have the very best birthday EVER! If you see Ann today, please wish her a very happy 40th! 
bye bye birdie...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gearing up for High Point

Tips for attending the High Point Furniture market:
1. Do not catch the fever bug traveling around my house that has infected 2 out of 3 kids. Must be on "A" game.

2. Assemble 3 outfits (all black) as to fit in with other designers at market. And no, just because they are black, yoga pants don't count. 

3. Wear COMFY shoes. Must be stylish so not to look like frump girl (after eating candy/snacks at EVERY single showroom). My C Wonder driving mocs will do just fine and match my 3 black outfits.
4. Do not eat snacks/candy at EVERY Showroom.

5. Do not drink wine/champagne/special market cocktail at EVERY Showroom, so as to not overspend/buy unnecessary furnishings.

6. Do visit the David Francis showroom to see new fretwork pieces.... check out this cobalt headboard. Anyone need a twin bedroom? I have this all planned out in my head.

8. If run into Novogratz or another celebrity don't tell them that Ann and I have 7 kids between us. Uh. Awkward. Also, refer to point #2 and don't wear horizontal stripes. Black only.
9. Never, ever miss Global Views. Best eye candy (and candy). 
10. Take tons of pictures so show readers upon return!
see you next week!
bye bye birdie....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is celebrating her 64th birthday this weekend. She has had a rough few years and I have watched her handle her health issues with grace and courage. This year, I am extremely grateful to be celebrating her birthday with the mom I know and love. In the midst of difficulties, it is so easy to forget how truly blessed we are and that we are so much stronger than we think with God's help. This year, I wanted to give her a poignant gift -- one that reflects how much she is loved. I came across a beautiful album by Sugarboo Designs and knew I had found the perfect gift. 
It is a stunning weathered (just like us) leather album filled with beautiful vintage style paper stamped with the most beautiful sayings... "you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think..." 

When I became a mother, and only then, did I realize how hard it must have been for my mom to raise all of us. It is the toughest, most rewarding, most under-appreciated job there is. So, this is a thank you. A thank you for all of the times as a child, adolescent, adult, that I didn't say "thank you" from one mother to another. 

I filled it with images of the ones she loves. Her four children and their spouses, her husband, sisters, mother, father and nine grandchildren. I filled it with images of the ones that love her back. All the way to the moon...

I found pictures from when her grandchildren were born right up until my brother's wedding this past Spring. I found pictures of my mom and dad before an onslaught of children and pictures of my brothers and me when we were.... well, not very cute. 
Yes, I do look mad. Perhaps is it because I have the same haircut as my brothers...Or my outfit leaves much to be desired. 

My mom doesn't read my blog unless I print it for her (she isn't very tech savvy). If you see her, please don't mention her surprise... but do wish her a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Soccer Mom...

Who Knew? I am a soccer Mom. But let me be clear... I am a good one. I do not think my child is the best on the field. I also do not coach from the sidelines (most of the time) . I trust the coach and trust he knows what he is doing. (My husband happens to be said coach). I do not mutter passive aggressive comments under my breath about other players.  Hmmmm... Can you tell I have spent a weekend away at a soccer tournament? 

Deep breaths... Happy place... 
And here it is.... My finished Master Bedroom...

Remember my board...
I am still debating side tables... I am using some antique side tables I found but I am still digging the ones on the board.  Should I just go for it? I didn't get my WE pillow but instead have a needlepoint pillow my Grandmother made.  That makes me happy...
The bed is one of Jeff and my first grown up purchases. I still love it though I always thought I'd put it in Jackson's room when we build and get something else for our room. Then I remembered we are no longer on our same 2 year plan and 8 years later our tiny farmhouse will have to do! In summary... we are not building and my master bedroom is not growing. 
Love the one you're with... right? So paint will do. I enlisted the help of a few 7 and 9 year olds I know. I figured I had a 50% shot that one of them could paint. It paid off! Molly can paint! 

I rehung my DIY necklace holder.... Yes a $5 piece of antique molding and cut nails make for a great necklace holder.

I added some art.... Jackson painted Jeff and me when he was in 1st grade. There is a striking resemblance... The best part is if you look close up you he erased the ginormous horse teeth that he had originally given me. Thank you...

So after a long weekend I was happy to come home to my freshly painted master retreat....-A

How about you....
Long weekend? Need a retreat? Got one? 

Happy Monday,
Bye, bye birdie, 
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