Friday, October 17, 2014

Gearing up for High Point

Tips for attending the High Point Furniture market:
1. Do not catch the fever bug traveling around my house that has infected 2 out of 3 kids. Must be on "A" game.

2. Assemble 3 outfits (all black) as to fit in with other designers at market. And no, just because they are black, yoga pants don't count. 

3. Wear COMFY shoes. Must be stylish so not to look like frump girl (after eating candy/snacks at EVERY single showroom). My C Wonder driving mocs will do just fine and match my 3 black outfits.
4. Do not eat snacks/candy at EVERY Showroom.

5. Do not drink wine/champagne/special market cocktail at EVERY Showroom, so as to not overspend/buy unnecessary furnishings.

6. Do visit the David Francis showroom to see new fretwork pieces.... check out this cobalt headboard. Anyone need a twin bedroom? I have this all planned out in my head.

8. If run into Novogratz or another celebrity don't tell them that Ann and I have 7 kids between us. Uh. Awkward. Also, refer to point #2 and don't wear horizontal stripes. Black only.
9. Never, ever miss Global Views. Best eye candy (and candy). 
10. Take tons of pictures so show readers upon return!
see you next week!
bye bye birdie....

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