Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween....

 If you were lucky enough to read last years post bout this time you would have received my STELLAR Halloween parenting advice. Now this stuff can't be found in books... 

All you newbie parents don't judge.... 
Here is the Schutte family Halloween rule. This has been tested and proven by 4 little Schutte's. 
Here goes....


Hmmmm... you say. What is she talking about? Well, it's simple. After trick or treating and over the course of about 3 days, there are no candy rules. Eat a twix for breakfast. Smarties, nerds and tootsie rolls for snack? SURE! 
Now, I know this seems scary but after 2-3 days (trust me on this) they are done. Not with all their candy, just eating it all. They start to ask for salads, apples and carrot sticks. Their beverage of choice is milk or water. Their little bodies are craving nutrients and vitamins. And as a parent, you comply and while they are asleep you take those candy bags (that they won't miss) and you and your hubby cull through, get everything you want and throw away the rest.
DONE. It's over... 3 days of sugar highs and no eye contact but then it's over. No more whining about wanting candy, no more fighting over only allowing 1 piece after dinner. It's over. And that to me makes the 3 days of cracked out kids worth it.

Now you can do what you want with my unsolicited advice but trust me it works.

Let me know if you are brave enough to test my theory and....

If you still need a costume, I think gluten free pizza is still available at the halloween shop! (I just had to share this picture of Hooper's boys... cracks me up!) 

Happy Halloween!

BOO! BOO!  birdie, 

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