Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mod Nod Table...

We love a pretty fall table.... Remember last year I had Thanksgiving at my house just so I could use all my stuff and set the table? Well, we are not having Thanksgiving at either of our houses this year so we decided to show you 2 ways to do a fall table...(just in case you are dumb brave enough to host). 

Can you guess who did which table? 
 hmmm... brass, organic, graphic....

Hmmm.... coral accents, mirror, linen, elegant....

I know it is sooo hard to figure out but I did the 1st table and Hooper did the 2nd. We knew our tables would be different but how different they were!!! 

 I really wanted to nod to the mid century vibe of the table but still use all the traditional pieces that I have and love. Remember our fave word of 2012? JUXSTAPOSITION?? That's what this table was all about....
I love my wedding china and paired it with vintage transfer ware salad plates, my Grandmother's silver bread plates and inherited silver placesettings- I have inherited no complete set but 4 different sets that make a set for 12. I mix that in with my own and love the result!  
 While the china is traditional the graphic runner relaxes the look. I know, I know... runner? But in this case it works! Wooden mushrooms and vintage brass stags offer a bit of whimsy.... Oh and the stags are available at The Coop! (I fought an inner battle but left them for sale though they would look good at mi casa!) 
The faux bois vase is a Home Goods score and the perfect punch of white and mid century!  The vase holding all the Pheasant feathers is another HG find and a DIY project. I took the clear vase, taped it off and spray painted the bottom gold. It looks dipped and way more then the $5.99 it cost me. You can do this with any shape glass vase and use any color! 

Now let's talk feathers and antlers.... This is a nod to my roots! My Dad and brothers hunt and aways hunt Thanksgiving Day. So our meals growing up were often later at night. I have a collection of things my brothers and Dad have given me.... pheasant feathers, turkey feathers, mistletoe in the fall, antlers... and my favorite was the beaver skull my brother found, dried out and mounted to a piece of wood for my son.... TMI?? Yes, the table is definitely also a reflection of  my redneck Southern roots. (minus the skulls of course!) Yes, that was plural... It didn't stop with the beaver skull.... 

Are you swooning over the actual table yet? It is a vintage (in perfect condition) Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggins work of art. It is for sale at The Coop and on OKL. (sob...sob... I would have to buy a new house to keep it, but it's that great!)

 A table scape just like any room in your house should be reflective of you... Bust out that china and silver that you never get to use and throw in  things you love.... Have fun and don't be scared to mix it up, not everything has to match. My table looks different every year and I do not always use the same china or accents. Happy fall....and email us if you are interested in buying this gorgeous table (sans table settings).

Stay tuned for Hooper's gorgeous table on Friday!


Bye, bye birdie,

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