Monday, October 6, 2014

Wedding Bells in Charleston

On Friday, we packed up the car with our 3 (very whiney) children and suitcases packed for hot weather/cold fronts etc. to head to Charleston for Kat and Matt's wedding. Yes. They are so cute that their names rhyme. We were very excited to be included in the festivities for Read's cousin Kat's wedding. (Not so sure they were glad we actually accepted...considering my (still whiney) loud children were also staying with the wedding party in a very small bed and breakfast. 
Translation: Sweet innocent newlyweds could hear me screaming at my kids all hours of the night = great birth control. 
I digress... 
Charleston never disappoints. I "ran out for some coffee" Saturday morning and left Read with the family. I failed to mention that the only coffee in town could be found over the bridge in Mount Pleasant at Celedon Home's 20th anniversary celebration. 
Chocked full of inspiration, trunk shows and yes, coffee....
I had a grand ol' time....
 If I only had a trailer... or perhaps could send some kids home with the in-laws...
I could have really racked up!
 Not sure Read would have forgiven me if my "coffee" turned into these beauties. They were stunning. I mosied ran as fast as I could over to the Mount Pleasant Mall (not what you think) so my "coffee" time would seem realistic. They had some killer vintage pieces and if I thought Read may not have noticed a small trailer hitched to the back of my car, I would have snapped this baby right up. 
I rejoined the family for lunch at a sports bar, some time at the Farmer's Market and some shopping on King Street before the wedding. 
 Considering Read was in charge of dressing the boys, I think we cleaned up real nice. Read's sister and cousin's children were all there for the reception and it was great to get all of the kids together including some suave GQ model posing in the front row.  
 Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom and thank you for including us!          
                        bye bye birdie....-h

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