Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend RECAP and Reno's EVERYWHERE

It was a big weekend around here. Starting with...Patrick Shovlin finished the Big Reveal video of a project I finished recently. Check it out here. If you haven't seen the other videos about this project in progress, check out my YouTube channel . Stay tuned for weekly "how to" videos and design tips. 
Speaking of tips... we had a scary Halloween weekend when I decided late last week to rip out the kids bathroom. Read was out of town.
Tip #1. Tell your husband before you do any major renovations. In fact, get his approval.
Tip #2. Staying downstairs and avoiding kids rooms/bathrooms (at all costs) does not solve anything. Ignorance is not bliss.
Tip #3. Cleaning out bathroom/kids' rooms can be scary and dangerous. 
As I was sorting (aka throwing out everything I could get my hands on). I hear Hutson exclaim: 
Mom! Here's that sandwich I have been looking for. 
Tip #4. Call an exterminator.
Here is the bathroom today. Some progress... not enough for Read or the twins who wander around aimlessly in middle of night looking for toilet. And, I finally decided on a tile. I'm going with the gray "hardwood" tile for the floor and a marble hex for the wall (spatter proof).
In other weekend news... we attended a Halloween party. No, that is not me. I did NOT dress us as Groot for the party. Thank you to all readers that assumed that was me. Had I dressed up as Groot, it would not have taken this much work. I practically look like this when I wake up. Nope, I dressed up as myself. Showered with make-up. No one recognized me. 
Happy Monday! Bye bye birdie...

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