Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New You?

Happy 2015! It's a new year and time to make a fresh start. I usually last about a 5 days before the old me starts creeping back in and my healthy smoothies start to include cookies. 
 Each year, I choose a word. Our pastor at Port City Church, Mike Ashcraft and writer Rachel Olsen, wrote a wonderful book that I would HIGHLY recommend. 

My One Word ditches the idea of a New Year's Resolution and encourages you to choose one word to provide clarity about the person you want to strive to be, with God's help. Last year, my one word was "Intentional".  I haven't settled on a word for 2015 but am toying with "CALM". I'll keep you posted.

Ann doesn't pick a New Year's Resolution. That's her resolution. 
Our friend, Kim Shovlin does a visual resolution. She visualizes what she hopes the year will look like for her and creates a board with pictures, clippings and inspiration. She puts it in a focal point in her home as a reminder of how her year should be taking shape. I love this idea! Check out one of her annual boards.... 
What about you? Are you picking a a word? Are you changing something about yourself? Eating healthier? Starting an exercise routine? Let us know, you continue to inspire us!
Happy New Year!!!
Here's to 2015!
bye bye birdie...

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