Friday, February 6, 2015

Hot off the Press!

You MUST grab the latest copy of Focus on the Coast (found at most local retailers) or check it out at Focus on the We were asked to write an article about a master bedroom retreat and what makes it just that... a retreat. Check out the article and be sure to pick up a copy or a few to give to friends today! 
 What makes a master a true retreat at the end of a long day? A place you want to unwind and relax and rejuvenate for the next. It should be cozy and inviting with lush linens, a warm area rug and good lighting for reading. 
 It should be filled with things you love, family photos, books and items that reflect you and the one you share it with. 
 There should be place for you to put your feat up and read a good book. If TV watching in bed is your thing, choose to hide it out of view. This TV is concealed behind a beautiful lacquered bamboo piece from The Coop. Large pieces like wardrobes or armoires  may be fading out, but they can be useful to store linens or even a morning coffee bar. Stock it with bottled water and a coffee machine and your morning just got a little brighter. 
 We love cozy throws. Scatter them through out the room so you can curl up and truly retreat. 

 Each bedside table should have additional storage (shelves or drawers) and should include a surface for a candle, jewelry or keepsakes. His bedside may include books, a small tray for a watch (to keep the table scratch free) and a carafe of water. Consider having a drawer with a small hole cut out in back so you can charge your phone, Nook, IPad or reading device and tuck it away when not in use. Choose an alarm clock that is compact or a charging station that will allow for your phone to be the morning rooster. 
 Always, always splurge on linens. Choose high thread counts and fabrics that will wash well. If choosing linens (one of our favorite textures for the bed), be sure to select washable linens. Bedding that requires dry cleaning is too much of a hassle. 

 Tons of pillows and large Euro squares add pattern and texture but also soften the look against any headboard. There's that throw again! 
If you can't give your master retreat a total makeover, start with some simple touches to make it a place where you can truly get away. Perhaps you could curl up with a good book, a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)and finally rest.
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what's the wall color in this bedroom? thx! christine

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