Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Master Bath Beauty: Before and After

Tis the season for bathroom renovations. I just recently completed this jewel and boy did it need some TLC. The cabinets were peeling off from water damage and years of use. The tile tops had to go, so I gutted the cabinets. Krista Deschamps of Prestige Kitchen and Bath came through with beautiful cream cabinets in a smooth finish and I topped them off with crystal knobs for a touch of glamour. 
The client loved having a vanity area, so we removed her old one and brought in a piece of furniture to mix it up a bit. 
With a bathroom this large, if you can keep the flooring, it is always good (only if it's pretty to begin with). Her marble flooring was in good shape and allowed us to pull in creams, grays and golds for accent. 
 I replaced the tops with a cream marble and love the simple soothing color palette. 
 Always accessorize your bath with beautiful functional things... think soaps, salts, pretty towels, nods to the sea, flowers and candles to turn your bath into a spa-like experience. 
 Always add some stylish reading...
 Collections of perfume bottles, silver cups, frames of loved ones or bud vases add a nice touch. 

With a hidden vanity mirror and large mirrors above each sink, the client didn't need more mirrors, so I chose gold leaf floral elements for above the vanity to add interest and change up the symmetry. 
This bathroom has come a long way!
bye bye birdie...

photos via BJB Photography


Margaret Clarke said...

I love the vanity; it adds so much character. I love the counters too - the thinner top is so much more appealing to the eye than the tile. And easier maintenance too!

Unknown said...

Your bathroom looks amazing! Anyway, it is indeed distressing how little dysfunctions in a bathroom can literally leech into the carpentry, and ruin them, such as the water leakages. However, that just means that bathroom renovation is a fairly comprehensive thing that should be enacted with care and should be properly maintained. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing

Unknown said...
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John.Smith @ said...

You bath look awesome! Especially love the vanity. Thanks for sharing that and Good Luck!

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