Friday, May 15, 2015

DIY Marble Counter Tops

Check out my new DIY carrara marble countertops! 
You can watch the "how to" video below and learn how to do it 

Check out the end result...        


Over Spring Break, I decided our black butcher block countertops at our little Bald Head house were ugly and dark. The kitchen is tiny and it needed a little brightening up. So... you know the drill. Read had a business trip and we had a couple of rainy days. I called my counter top source, I really did. I asked them to price out a marble for the tiny space and it was a FORTUNE. Yep, once you factor in the barge and installation, it was way out of the budget. 

Plus, Read was out of town and well.... I got an idea.  
Disclaimer: If I can do this, so can you.
Another Disclaimer: I am not a fan of faux finishes in general, but when you don't have the funds, you get creative. 

Here is what you need - I had most of these supplies in my garage left over from old projects.
If you have wood or laminate counters, this could work for you! 
I started by drinking sanding the countertops with sandpaper (120 grit) and then primed them with a primer.
You want them to be rough enough so the primer and paint will stick. 
Then, I painted the counter with an alkyd paint in white gloss. The alkyd paint goes on like an oil but washes off like latex (with water) which makes it easier to work with. 
Then, with a large angled brush (while the white paint is still wet), create gray jagged sections throughout the surface. Make sure it is random, for a more realistic effect.            

Last, once you have created the look you want, you can seal it with a water based sealant. If you want a honed marble look, you can use a satin finish. For a polished look, use a gloss finish. 

I prefer  Minwax Polycrylic. It washes off easily with water and if you apply 3 thick coats, the surface will have a beautiful sheen and will hold up to wear. Make sure you DO NOT use a polyurethane. 

TIP: Even if they claim they are "non-yellowing", they still turn yellow over white. 

Remember, it is just paint and paint is very forgiving. If you mess up, you can paint over it until you get it right. It took me a few tries to get the look I wanted to achieve.
Go for it! It is so much easier than it looks and in one afternoon, you could transform your space. Definitely try this at home... 

Oh, and when Read came home, he walked in and said: 

"I don't want to know how much those marble counters cost!"

                           bye bye birdie- 



lynn said...

This looks great! Would it work on ugly off white Coriander?

lynn said...

I meant Corian!

Unknown said...

Lynn, I think it could IF you could find a way to rough it up enough and prime it. You would have to find something that would stick and not scratch off. If you could get the primer to stick, you could do anything you want. You could get a scrap sample and try it first?

Unknown said...

What an interesting idea to paint your counter tops like that. They already come in vibrant colors and designs. Honestly, I didn't even consider that the granite surface would allow for the paint to be applied to it smoothly.

Unknown said...

Last week I was the one who was choosing in Custom Marble Countertops. I have selected a pattern and that will on my countertops by next week. so Happy to get the. The pictures displayed here look awesome. Will somehow try to manage this image. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Jones said...

Lynn, I'm sure it may IN THE EVENT you could find a method to tough it upwards sufficient and also prime it. You must find an issue that would likely remain instead of damage away. In case you can get your primer in order to remain, you could do what you need. You can get any little bit taste and also try it first. granite countertops seattle

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